The oviraptorids

With oviraptor being confirmed recently what other oviraptorids do you think will be added? Also do you think oviraptorids will be carnivores or herbivores

Edit : i know oviraptorids are omnivores. Also i think Gigantoraptor will get a unique animation or will be added to the Therizinosaurs

Most probably oviraptor will be gallimimus animation but gigantoraptor can get it’s own set of animation

I hope they are different. I also wouldn’t mind them being a speedy resilient like stigymoloch

All oviraptorids could probably have a new animation

Idk something like anzu, ovi and gigantoraptor would be nice in a new animation set especialy since ppl are asking for more dinosaurs

Nobody could he sure though :thinking: let’s see in 2.4 :grin:

Let’s hope we get patchnotes today


since when is gigantoraptor in the game

It isn’t. This is just a suggestion

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Patch notes here finally!

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I still hope ovi doesn’t have the galli animation. But it’s new move is the biggest hint for a new animation

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Yes I too feel like that and I’m excited to get it!

Be hilarious if the attack animation has it throw an egg at you lol

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Ludia pls listen to this man

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Meh since oviraptor is disprooven to be an eggthief probably not