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The pain pt 2

Sigh, I got my first legendary and now I have to wait four literal days. This pains me

I try not to hatch long-incubating dinos in the free slot, it blocks your ability to hatch small cheap fast stuff. If I can I put something else in this slot first then pay 10 db for the second slot.

These Aquatics do take even longer to hatch than normal Jurassic legendaries, but then tournament legendaries take 7 days.


Wait till you get to the Tournament Legendaries…


That surface creature isnt that bad in hatching but its still quite long time. But the longest hatching time goes to tournament creatures or strong hybrids like yudon or armormata. These ones cost quite a lot of dna and hatch a whole solid week. In other words if new tournament creture or tournament hybrid are released to get them to level 40 you need to wait two weeks if you dont want to spend bucks, you need tons of dna too

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