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The pain

I couldn’t go outside since it’s dang hot out there in cali

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The epic will never be darted because it’s way to hot to walk and I’m just generally tired

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you could have drove up to it

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Not all people have cars.

but anyway just a posti i mean its a hybrid so easy to get no need for a fuss

I sadly suck at the game that I barely can get the right amount of DNA

hmm do you have a good alliance?

No, my friends kinda suck and nobody really has wanted to join

Join one of the alliances that needs people. There are a lot of alliance threads on the forum and they probably have spots for you and they will give you all of the dna you need.

I already own a alliance and I don’t wanna disband it so I can join another one.

I feel your pain. I’m in Florida and when it’s not blistering hot outside it’s thunder and lightning with torrential downpours.

Oh well, it will start to cool of a little here in about 3 months. :slightly_smiling_face:

its okay to disband i disbanded mine and now im better than i could have been im only level 12 i you like you can join mine let me know if interested