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The pathetic medal system is even worse in Advantage tourneys

Here I am again… Lost -40 three times in a row against boosted creatures at levels 26 to 28… My strongest one is 22, with nothing boosted! I don’t even have to check anymore, there’s No freaking way those players were behind me in medals. Seriously this is ridiculous. It’s more than clear that the system is not working as it suppose to and you don’t do anything about it! Not even give us a freaking explanation! We just have to accept this ramdom distribution of medals, Awesome…

After months and months of talking about this, I’m finally tired. Seriously considering dropping this crap… You have a game that imost of the time s more frustrating than fun.


This is the 1 thing that hurts my climb to top ranks when I fall out of #1. (in skill tourneys). It really hurts to lose 40 to someone who you even lost to a bunch of times, then win 20 vs a different person :frowning:

I started i the tourney with 640 trophies and now i am at about 450.

how many times (if you counted) did you lose -40, and to what teams? this is the problem with the -40 usually :frowning:
I lost -40 to someone who swept me with L30 seco boosted :joy:

I keep running into annoyingly high level erlikosaurs.

The matchmaking is wrong. It’s as simple as that. In a tournament, it should work by giving rewards according to players score, but it clearly doesn’t work like that. For months I’ve been pointing that out, and so have others. We see players losing -40 and winning only +20 against opponents at more than 100 medals ahead, even 200… The highscore system hasn’t changed that.

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A loss to the top 10 is -40. A win against some random fella is +40. I gave up trying to figure out how to play this tournament. Top 50 is fine for me. 1 reason Ludia has to fix the Championship is that it is causing more anger than needed and anger leads to quitting.

Make the Tournament less about winning for the average player and.more about getting AP for the alliance. I might actually play more in Skill Tournaments if it meant my losses contributed to something.

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The arena one works that way. The tournament one has no logic. I lost to the top player in tournament who is also ranked top 10 in arena, lost 40 trophies.

I can take losses and wins on the chin but you need to have a better system to prevent unhappiness. The top players dun need conspiracy theories being hatched over their position. They are good enough to be top 10 even when losing 40 trophies in bad luck matches.


Yeah I have to agree there. all the anger is caused by the requirements. I myself was wondering, why is that 1.25m number even there if we can’t even reach it even with the alts?
I myself have about 13k contributed AP, and especially with dinos where you know you won’t win you will still lose -40. and also, even though if you were fighting some player who got really lucky and won a lot of speedties you would still lose -40. I hate when that happens, and each win back from the same person is like +30, or when you fight a different person you haven’t even fought, or fight the one you always win +20 to, you will win +20.

Same here. This happened a lot at the beginning. However, as time went on, I haven’t lost 40 yet. Haven’t gained 40 either though

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In a given amount of time (say an hour), I can win more than I lose and go down in points by a hundred. The medal win/loss is obviously messed up. There is no reason to move by 40 or 20 unless you’re hitting literally the top and bottom ranked people.

Played twice yesterday; for an hour and half hour respectively. On both occasions I was losing 40 for a defeat and only gaining 20 for a win, so needed to win 2 matches for every defeat just to maintain my trophy count.
It didn’t seem to matter how strong or weak the opponent was, the scores seemed stuck for some reason.

I think I must have been on the receiving end of a glitch yesterday as -40 and +20 were the only scores being dished out.
Today, the trophies seem a bit more random; 25s and 36s are common now.
I’ve actually improved my score a bit today as a result, but I think it’s more to do with the randomness of trophy allocation: my win / lose ratio hasn’t improved since yesterday.

Great to see (again) another topic about that. I pointed for months and the support never responds to me despite the good will of @Ned.

It’s sad enough to see that they are simply unable to make a simple math rule work but it’s even worse to see how long it takes to accept that they make mistakes, understand them and correct them…

If Ludia could at least explain the logic behind their scoring system in tournaments at least that would be something.

As it is we have nothing.

Every now and then we have someone saying that if we had a straight +/- 30 for a win or a loss that there would be too many people on the same end score.

But that’s not what this is about.

It’s plain and simple - how can we lose 40 when the loss is to a player who has more trophies than we do?

If we beat that player we get only 20 trophies. Yet they get 40 for beating us!!!

It’s a nonsensical system that needs to be fixed.

No way should players with more trophies be getting 40 for beating lower players and lower players be getting half that amount for beating them.


Again and again…

It’s a shame not to know how to code that correctly and even more shameful not to deign to answer.

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The problem is when the top players are losing 20 trophies for every loss and gaining 40 every win they get, people will drag out the ole AP punching bag.

These players dun need this disrespect but Ludia is making the case for them being protected instead of being excellent players stronger.

Fix the medals system. It doesnt need to be accurate but at least it has to be logical. If I lose/gain 5 more trophies than mathematically supposed to then nvm. But when its obvious I should get 40 or lose 20 then please dun make it opposite.

In 4 hours of battling 95% of my wins were worth 20 medals. It was a nightmare to climb. Got close to top 100 again and stopped as its was too late to continue battling. This tournament is worst so far with medals awarded.

Already suggested to cap medals at 30 lowest and 40 highest.

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Same. 20 medals for wins, 30-40 for losses. Absolutely infuriating. It’s like I’m hard capped to one trophy range.

Battle rewards sayth, “I shall not escape the 900-1000 range

You just end up in a vicious circle. Win two +20+20 Lose one -40 and repeat. I’ve been stuck around 1100 now for ages

I used to challenge for top 100 ranking in skill tourneys (best finish was 66), but since they changed that ranking system I’m stuck between 2000 and 5000.

The majority of my losses take away 35 to 40 trophies (with 40 being the most common), while I very rarely gain more than 30 for a win (20 is my most common reward), so I need a fairly hefty win ratio to make any progress at all, with an unlucky loss or two undoing all my hard work.
It’s very disheartening to win more matches than you lose, but end up with less points as a result.

I’ve basically given up on trying to improve my score (and gain points for my Alliance).
Instead, I’m just going to enjoy fighting with / against different creatures to the usual suspects that I meet in the Library every day.
That’s one thing I’ve found refreshing about this tourney; the creature variety seems pretty good so far.