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The pattern repeats: from a legendary who is dominant in the arena, a unique trash is born

First up with Monomimus, the legendary who dominated the arena early in the game. Some created it, others like me hope to have their unique … and when their unique, the pterovexus was created, it was garbage (although now, more than a year later it has a certain utility)

Then the goat that trashed this game for months. Some took advantage of it, others waited for their unique and when the unique goat was born with version 2.0 we were perplexed to see that it was worse than the legendary goat … and it will continue to be in version 2.1

Now with the Entelomoth one of the best legendary ever created that was top until a few months ago. It now merges with a turtle to create the most useless unique that has possibly ever existed.

If that pattern were always true, it is evident that those who created those monstrous legendary could use them mercilessly for months while those of us who waited for their unique with expectation saw a useless unique appear (I have not yet created or pterovexus, which I insist now can be useful but it has never been Meta like Monomimus, I have not created the unique goat and will not create this aberration either)

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Unique goat? What?!?

I want to use Dracocerato so badly in the arena… But this update won’t make her better. DC is still superior, especially in this meta. DC has way too much health for what it is, really.

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We have to wait and see what the stats are. It is extremely plausible that the armor and stats make it look like a slow smilnoneys that absolutely dumpsters cunning creatures and it near impossible to kill without fierce…so I’d hold the suspicion for now