The PD just love me


Okay so yesterday morning, Im biking around the neighborhood, wrapping it up since its almost 3:30 am. I’m a few minutes away from the house, and a cop pulls me over and asked “Who I was, Where I was going, Where do you live, If I needed any help, If I had any felonies…” I give him the whole speel, “I like to bike, I like to play Jurassic World… eat, sleep, dinosaurs, officer.” They were looking for an apparent suspect around the area. Called it a night then I went home.

This morning woke up early for a bike sess, and decided to hit those new strike events. Better to do it when its not too hot outside. Got done with the towers, and Im LITERALLY not even 20 seconds away from my house, and I get pulled over again by a cop. He ask me "Are you lost? Do you need help? Where do you live? At this point I just tried to make conversation with the officer. He told me, there were a lot of cases of people trying to break in cars. This cop had some chill, shook my hand, then he left.

At this rate, I might as well meet the whole department squad, and introduce them to the wonderful game Jurassic World Alive. Reasons to spoof: so you don’t get pulled over by the cops… jk don’t do it kids. When exercising backfires :rofl:

Total count of 3x Ive been pulled over

  1. Suspicious of writing down people’s addresses
  2. Mistaken for a suspect
  3. Suspicious of breaking into cars


At least it is a good report of interaction with the police.

With these longer strike tower events with their 8+ battles, I do keep feeling that at some point someone is going to call the cops because I’m repeatedly hanging out on my bike around the neighborhood. I’m in the UK so I’m more likely to get a “hey that’s cool but try not to pop up too often” than anything else.


Yeah, I was on the homeward leg of my hunting trip last night, when the county sheriff rolled up on me and turned on his lights. I got pretty much the same spiel from the cop as the OP, explained JWA to him - how it works, etc.

He was cool about it. He had just seen me walking around the corner next to a gynecologist’s office (which is a straight line from home to work, the shortest route home), and thought i was up to no good.

The ID check came back clean, as I knew it would, and he let me go on my way. It’s funny, because usually at the end of the month, I’ve heard of people getting stopped or pulled over for no good reason, other than “Troop leader says we are not meeting our quota…”


flash your DPG badge, that should send them on their way.


This was the first time it’s happened, probably won’t be the last. But in such a big town as the one I’m in, you’d think it happens more often.

It was probably 10pm or so, I don’t think anyone would have thought i looked suspicious, as it’s a well-lit area, in the city’s main commercial district.


Badges? Badges? We don’t need no steenking badges! LOL

A BADGER, though. That would have landed me in jail for assaulting an officer with a notoriously grumpy animal.


hand him a broom stick, if you’re nice, a can of crisco and tell them it’s a public street.

i routinley walk around at night with a hoodie and the hood up and no one’s ever said anything to me. even like 2:00 AM I’ve had cops drive past me and not even care. And been doing this since April :+1:


Can that actually be a thing? Ill invest :joy:

Or maybe I should wear owen’s jacket when Im hunting, then they’d be like “oh we got a hunter running around, leave him be”


I’m sure someone’s already thought of that, and is putting their 3D printer to work…


even living in LA where it’s more common to have an LAPD helicopter circling over your head than not, still never had an issue. even when it’s circling me.


You got a good point. I forget that those 10 rounds can last ages, especially now with the flyers and their swap invincibilities. Hopefully they will listen to us, and just make the strike events 1- 3 rounds max. Compensate by making the dinos a tad bit harder, but distribute the coins evenly between the rounds. Yeah, lucked out and got a friendly one… those dodgers can be very intimidating sometimes.


get monomimus. it can solo all the strike events really fast.


I can usually solo most strike events with my level 19 raptor, but sometimes the epic towers can take a bit longer. I like the idea of shortening them, even if it means going up against slightly tougher dinos.


I unfortunately don’t have one lol. People are getting a lot of monolophosaurus, and I havent seen one in ages. Got plenty of galli stacked though oh well. Just used the utasino, and spammed my way to victory.


la here as well - if you ever see a sino, can ya let me know when and where?


Speaking at the end of the month is when you should be on your tippy toes with cops. Its the end of the month, and they are getting their pay check. They need to be handing out those tickets, and what not, and will be less lenient with warnings. $$$


dpg badge lol


:rofl::rofl::rofl: amazing


Yeah, me and the cop just stood around making small talk while he waited for my info to come back from dispatch. Seeing that huge SUV roll up on me like that with no headlights, and then suddenly I get blinded by every seizure inducer he’s got on the damn thing was definitely an indicator of how jumpy they get at the end of the month. Normally, they just roll right by.


only one i’ve ever seen was by a Papa John’s in Sun Valley. if you know where that is