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The perfect budget Herbivore

I just created my Ophiacomimus,and it is just amazing,unlike other herbivores,this guy has slightly lower health,but just enough to survive,and then enough attack to hold itself up on the battlefield,against carnivores as well,Carnoraptor is a great hybrid,I agree,so is Tapejalosaurus,but this is great as well,max a Shunsoaurus,a Unaysaurus,but they may not satisfy your attack needs. Herbivores are too entitled to the term of Meat Shield or Titanium Slingshot,however,i can compare Ophiacomimus to a Zalmoxes in my opinion,it hits hard,without costing any health and it is well balanced and hence cannot harm your team balance. This guy is only level 10 for me at the moment,but at level 20,he will replace my Shunosaurus for a much more capable herbivore.

Titanium Slingshot?

I think ankylocodus is better

Segnosuchus is best


It really isn’t that good…for 7560 DNA. Segnosaurus costs 7500 (60 less) and has 389 more health and 323 more attack.


I guess that may not be a term here,it was a term we used in my previous game for stuff with high health and low attack,glass cannon is common

Okay,I am saying in terms of cost as well,if you purchase 7 to max one,you will observe the huge difference in the 7500 and 10000.

But Segnosaurus is exclusive is a downside. Segnosuchus is not a budget hybrid .

In fact, it is a good hybrid for those who do not yet have golden cards. I recommend any rare hybrid, I still use Tapejalosaurus today lol
i love his design level 40 and stats.

Yeah i still use rare hybrids as well, i think tapejalosaurus is probably one of the best rare hybrids.


At what lvl is your ophiacommimus?

I would say that Ophiacomimus needs a slight buff (and I hope to get it soon) , but we have also to admit that it has one of the most balanced and beautiful designs among herbivores … The beauty itself has… a cost.