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The Perfect Way To Counter Boosts

Ok, we seriously need a better way to counter boosts. And, I know that people are most likely still upset about Procerathomimus getting nerfed back in 2.0. So, How about this: Nullification ability nullifies boosts. On your first turn, you immediatley use Proceratothomimus. Your opponent uses a
Highly boosted Gorgosuchus, and goes for Ferocity strike. You nullifiy your opponents attack increase, and all of his boosts. You end up winning the battle. This would be so helpful Ludia. Please actually listen. When Your creature’'s boosts get nullified, they have a recharge cooldown that can be sped up with darts. This is also a great way to use the thousands of darts we all have saved up. The cooldown is longer depending on the level and rarity of the creature. Ludia, Listen to what the people want!!! This new way of countering boosts would make the PVP arenas fun and fair. This new plan would provide a vital and necessary use of the following creatures:

  1. Procerathomimus
  2. Quetzorion
  3. Dilophoboa
  4. Diplocaulus Gen 1
  5. Magnapyritor
  6. Pteraquetzal
  7. Pterovexus
  8. Suchotator
  9. Tanycolagreus
  10. Monolemetrodon

Leave your thoughts below. Ludia must incorporate this in order for PVP to be fun. And I as well Hate the Nitro Thors that keep popping up

Nope. That makes null too strong.


Literally nobody wants this.


I am sure people are tired of fighting overboosted creatures. That is what people want: fair PVP gameplay.

  • This is great
  • Needs a little debuff
  • Needs a buff
  • This is awful

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Let me know what you guys think.

I like boosts it mixes up the game and allows you to play your favorite fun or cool looking creatures in raids or competitively. The game would become so stale so fast without them. Plus this makes null wayyyy OP. If ludia listens to what the people want like you asked this will never happen lol

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But doesn’t Proceratothoimus suck? Pretty much any Nullfifying creature sucks. This is giving them the spotlight!

Magna and quetz are very very powerful and in tons of top 50 teams. Promimus does need a good buff though.

Hard pass.

If these guys can nullify the opponent’s boosts, what’s to stop us from just picking 8 of these and boosting them to hell, effectively making them completely broken and super OP?

That’s the issue here, and why boosts shouldn’t be nullified.


I would say that it would make more sense to nullify the boosts for one turn. This way it wont be broken.

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However, what if it picked a random boost set, and only reduced it by 50% for 1 turn ( Besides health, as that would just be wacky). So what happens is if Speed is 144 and the base is 124, the speed would get reduced to 134 for 1 turn. Same with attack. If it goes in as it is however, this would get messy quick.

So players who keep the game alive by spending money on boosts get them wiped off by a simple nullifying move by a Dino that was way op?
No thanks!


I agree completely that boosts need to be addressed in PvP arenas, both for player retention and for longevity. However your suggestion is, to be blunt, horrible. Boosts are changes to the static stat totals of creatures, and should never be considered in the same category as ferocity or shields. The suggestion I made most recently was to limit the boost caps and levels harder in lower arenas (Ie you can’t go above level 15 with 5 total stat boosts per creature in lockdown) so people could experience more fair matches (since the “toughest” creatures would be at a reasonable maximum for the arena you’re in). It would also address droppers (people who lose with maxed teams to troll new players) and whale teams. Once you hit say, lockwood, level caps open from that point on and it’s more a test of what you bring and how you choose to tackle the open meta of the endgame.

Even disregarding nullify removing boosts (which is too strong even by itself), nullify is incredibly strong already. It can remove dodge, shield, ferocity… making it strong against any class.Thats probably why ludia made it so much more rare in 2.0, and most nullify users are “wild cards”.


Procera doesnt suck, it actually has 3 distraction moves, an evasive and is about to be buffed in hp and have the most attack it has ever had.

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