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The Phantom ThievesX have come to steal your heart!


Want to help a new alliance get on their feet? Want to watch something small grow into something great? Then come join The Phantom ThievesX, a brand new alliance led by yours truly who are actively searching for new members.

We are english speaking and international.

We have but a few requirements.

#1: Try to be active. Inactive members will be kicked after 7 days unless you give us a reason for your absence (EX: Medical issues etc.)
#2: Get your 10 KO’s for the tournaments! This isn’t that hard.
#3: Work together and contribute to DNA requests and alliance missions please.

If you’re interested in joining then message me on discord! JustAGirlOnDiscord#2245

We look forward to seeing you around.


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I HV discord but recently I joined a good alliance but they r not good in raids so can u help me with raids…

Yeah can u help me with raids…

Yes. We have an raids section in our discord. We’re willing to help anyone with raids (well I say we’re bur I’m still the only member in the alliance atm)

Still looking for members! Discord server is set up.

No more level requirements

Updated rules.

If I wasn’t already in my awesome alliance, I would apply just for the name. Persona is awesome x)

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Looking into joining another alliance. This one sounds my style. Any more spots available?

Yes we have plenty of spots opens!