The Plague of Boosts

Has anyone else been so forced into boosting even there best creatures, just so they could stay in there arena. I love this game and don’t want to leave it, but loosing so many battles due to Boosted THORs and DRACOCERATOPS that deal like 3000 damage on swap in are infuriating. Anyone else found themselves moving away from boosting tyrants from modestly to crazily.
To many these are hardly boosted
Screenshot_20190617-141646 Screenshot_20190617-141634 Screenshot_20190617-141628
But still…it makes me feel sick


This is how the game works now. I have the same creatures as on your image boosted even more far (for Thoraldosaurus 135 speed is a must have) …

I still find the game fun, especially the PVE aspect, but…I do feel as if I have succumbed to this. But as you said, this is how the game works now

I’m getting use to it . I think sales should be random as they are doing it to sure players check daily :+1:. I’m a daily hour on end player which i enjoy in my free time. Yea sometimes super frustrating but you learn where to apply your next boosts.

Hope you get into the groove of boosts if there is such a thing lol


Ok thanks. I know O have to use them more now

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Our players are just as much to blame for the broken state of this game as Ludia is. Greed and Selfishness abound when the boost train rolls through. :wink:


Greed and selfishness because they play the game the way it is meant to be played? Don’t think so.


na, @GorillaGlue has a great point. Sure, Ludia implemented the boosts in and that wasn’t a great idea. They could have been added in in a better way, but so many people have gone over the top with boosting. Let’s be honest here. There are plenty of ways to get boosts fast without buying them directly. So whilst the players aren’t directly to blame, of course they have seriously contributed in order to win as much as possible


I’ve soft quit the game since boosts, the only reason I play at all is that I’m an Alliance leader. I refuse to give them any real money, cancelled my VIP a while back. Notice Ludia hasn’t sent us a survey in a while? Hmmm wonder why that is lol? They know 85% of their players will tell them to shove the boosts up their edited


Or it could be that they already know what the community wants?

If you’re buying boosts you’re part of the problem. End of story.


There haven’t been many boosts for sale, so it’s not like people are running wild with boost purchases. Adapt or fade away. That’s how JWA works. Of course people are gonna boost as much as possible. It’s a part of the game. Everyone wants to win. You just gotta make sure you get that battle incubator every day and get every dollar of free cash that you can. That’s all I’ve been doing and my team is crazily boosted.


If you’re out here whining because people are buying boosts you’re part of the problem. End of story.


If you’re looking for a scapegoat just blame me, everyone else does. They always blame the creepy old guy.

I’m a big help though, everyone says so. They all say “Thanks Woodrow, that was a BIG help!”

As I always say, the key is to keep a balanced team. At first these Thors were a nightmare, but now I don’t have as much trouble as I had against them because I have five creatures faster than 135 speed (four of them faster than 143). Of course, I still need one of my rat-killers selected if they also have Draco… And that’s the main problem of boosts… it allows even more coward strategies.

Too many matches go like this:

  • Thor attacks. Thor kills opponent
  • Thor uses Instant charge on the next creature (which can kill many if crits)
  • If there’s a chance that Thor dies, swap to Draco
  • If Draco lives, just swap out and send a tank or sacrifice a weaker creature
  • If Draco dies, whatever, freakshly boosted Thor comes back

And we also have the amazing “strategy” of sending boosted Tryko just to do the counter attack (with it’s small base attack of more than 2k) and then IMMEDIATELY swap to boosted rat, cause that’s enough to kill many creatures, like Dilo and Erlido…

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It’s the crazy boosted Magna that gets me down too . There’s nothing you can do against a Magna with ridiculous speed and damage apart from have one of your own that’s even higher . And that’s pretty difficult when you rarely see Dimetrodon . I thought it may be wise to build my Erlidom up , and got it to level 25 and boosted to level 5 . What happens ? I get harder match ups and the Magnas , Rats , and Thor’s just wipe me out as my other Dinos sit at 22 .
For me , The was nothing wrong with the matchmaking before the boosts were added , apart from Draco being op . Now it’s madness and dependant on how many boosts you have used . Very little skill and judgement any more . And that’s a shame . It seems pointless having Dinos buffed and nerfed for a year , then adding boosts that make the logic disappear .

Speed boosts broke the fundamental aspect of game balance, in every way.

It seems like they should have known this was a bad idea from the start. My guess would be that higher ups demanded this ignorance and the devs had no choice but to code it?

Pretty sure any software developer would have more common sense on their own accord then what has been displayed in 1.7.