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The point of hunting

At first I was excited, finally Irritator after months have gone by. I realized, after feeling the need to buy boosts, that my Magna is a 25, but equivalent to a 30+ already. I wonder why I felt somewhat pressured to purchase them. It may have been so I could hold or maybe even regain the position I originally had prior to 1.7. Why spend the time and other resources to hunt when a short cut has been introduced? I do wonder if boosts are affected by leveling, I wouldn’t think so and there would have definately been lots of feedback by now if that was the case.


I mean even if we are above 30 already… the new cap is technically 40… and 30 of those can only be acquired by creating and leveling dinos… a 25 tier 10 dino loses in everyway to a 30 tier 10 dino. Except trophies… the 25 migjt have an edge their…

Maybe I’m kinda stuck in a short term thought process constantly talking myself into staying optimistic about the game.

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umm because a lvl 30 boosted is higher then your 25 boosted


the greatest trick that ludia ever pulled was getting you to pay for your dinosaurs twice.

h/t @CleverBoy


well he got you when you started spending your precious God given time on a game… you should be a millionaire now…

I play on fot so not too excited by irritator spawn given that so many other dinos also spawning then quite a low chance of seeing irritator at any given supply drop so doubt I will be able to cover enough miles to see anything approaching 30 (do not see many green drops as none of parks near me show as parks in the game) - players either need a huge amount of free time, or faster than walking pace transport method to use to deal with “dilution” of irritator by other dinos

Think the other way around : if there wouldn’t be any other dinos (just irritator spawns) we would have only 6 attempts. Disappointing right?
Needless to say that I like we have 5 different dinos, and I wouldn’t mind having 6 : I’m looking at the bright side and 5 different rares mean 30 irritator attempts :heart_eyes:
Good luck!

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Two reiterate this point. Speed is the only ‘flat’ increase boost, all others are percentage of total health/attack, so when your boosted dino levels, it gains even more power from the boost. So it is worth it to level up your dinos, but boosts gives you a little power ‘now’.


I thought this was great. I mentioned I wasn’t thinking long term when I created the post.


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Another great resource is the field guide which lets you compare boosted/non-boosted for each individual dino by level, including the cost.