I was doing a trial today and decided to play Dimodactylus and Scaphotator, both dinos that I haven’t mess around with since each of their releases. When I was playing in the trial I noticed how of a power duo they were. I brought in Dimo first doing a lethal wound on the birb, next turn I impacted and run which allowed Scaphotator to get some more DoT in. But then I lost because I only had a lvl 11 Dimo and a lvl 12 Scapho. So I was wondering if you found other interesting power duos.

The Kapro-Tarkus. One does not expect the Kapro-Tarkus unless you know this Tarkus.

When scaphotator was released i used it alongside with scpahognathus. It worked pretty well because of both having regeneration.

Those doesn’t qualify.

Lethal wound and swap-in stunning strike. A sarco and einasaurus can take down a tryko (all at standard level). This made the ceratopsians and sarco a deadly pair in the common skill tournament. I use spyx and monostego on my arena team

dude it does, if a creature works well with another they are a duo

I thought op meant about duos in the current trials.

For the current trials I’d say Phorusaura and Darwezopteryx. Used them and swapped around to give the critters a difficult time between getting bled, stunned, and rampaged out.

And yes, I have no idea why Phorusaura qualified. But it did.

I use Stygidix and Darwpterus.

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Maybe because Damage and Run move.

But weren’t we supposed to use pterosaurs? Or it was just the damage and run trial?

Edit: yeah you’re right, just the swap out / swap in was a requirement. I was seeing a lot of pterosaurs in my list so I thought mostly they were qualified.

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“Puruthyla” (Purutaurus + Thylacotator)

Use Lethal Wound from Thylacotator, switch to Purut. Your enemy will bleed to death and will not be able to escape (currently I no longer use this strategy because Purut left my team, but when I used it it was amazing)

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For the trials this week I’ve been using Phorusaura/Scaphotator

IR->R&R->SIA Bleed->DI->Regen->Swoop->SIA Stun rinse and repeat

Worked great, had a lot of fun doing the cycle.

Wish I had a viable duo like that for Lockwood Library

I usually use bleeders, but for today’s trial, I felt like being a powerhouse. I used Phosuarua and Smiloceph. Rampage and Run all day boi!

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Stygidaryx + Pterovexus is very fun to use. All the swapping bleeding and pinning is amazing.