The power up strikes scare me

They’re easy to beat, however ALL epic dna I’m getting is Posti. I have 1000 extra posti dna, I need Baryonyx. Poor thing is 18 dna from 15 and I want its hybrid.

Why strikes gotta be so mean? Lol

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I would trade you my Baryonyx dna for your Postimetrodon dna! Seriously, this game knows what you lack and doesn’t give that to you :joy:


Tell me about it lol. I just needed 18 baryonyx to level up my tryo to 23. Woke up early in the morning feeling confident. Did that epic strike and got posti and gorgo. Went to do the rare and common strikes right after and no luck :joy:

Guess I got to get lucky and find some in the wild.


I’d take Gorgo all day, but I haven’t gotten that either. Lol
I want Tryo so bad!

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I was very happy, got enough irritator to create pyrritator and enough barry to create tryo - 2 “new for me” dinos thanks to the rare & epic power up strike events. Just need lots of epic mono this weekend now then could have a chance at monominus too - 3 new legendary in three days would be great.


This is my current situation with my Tryostronix. Really needed Postimetrodon since I’ve only ever seen her twice in the wild. Even buying incubators she’s never shown up in them either. Meanwhile, I would see several Baryonyx nightly and they like to make a cameo in incubators

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Not going to lie…I was a little too excited when I got this from the epic strike event yesterday.
Finally unlocked my Tryostonix!


Can I steal your bary’s?

@Asta I don’t mind gorgos much either, going to need all that I can get for megalo lol

@Idris I’ll gladly switch places. Not seeing very many baryonyx, just brachiosaurus. Had a good 80+ fuses stacked for posti, but no baryonyx in sight. I’d probably find maybe one a week.

I use to want Meglo until I saw how much it actually sucks. Gorgo out damages it.
I might try to get it just to add to my collection or when I stay steady in a higher arena for its counter.