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The prize drop isnt working

ludia you have 2 hours to fix this because the prize drop isnt working and you cant buy tickets and im so close to diamond fidelity help me if this isnt a bug then my life is sad

Don’t worry!
That’s not a bug … I think you can buy Tickets in one our and in two hours you can buy diamond price, if you missed it, but I’m not sure about that!
Please tell me wheter it has worked

i sure hope i can otherwise im going to commit sudoku

Still not active for me - and missing 2 days means not being able to get the last prize without spending bucks or actual money, which, hahahaha, no.
Some communication on this would be appreciated, but I guess starting with U36 Ludia is just going “eh, screw’em.”

The Prize Drop is now working for me. Of course, we missed yesterday and will have to make the decision to buy the rest of the points to get Diamond or not…


If you do all the non-bucks, non-real money ones, you can get the last prize if you can catch the last day 2-hour window between the purchase resets and the bar reset. Unless they change it.

I always top up with bucks at the end of the week for the diamond wheel. This week, with one day out (yesterday), will need to dish out a bit more coming Monday. :moneybag:

If you can’t make the 2 hour window, then yeah, missing one day means you probably have to.

I’m not going to purchase any thing from the lottery this week!
I wonder if the black out Day is a pattern, didn’t appear to me as a bug…

I sure picked the right week to sit out the lottery!!


I was already skipping the non-pack and non-VIP-dino slots anyway. I’ll try to sneak into diamond range, then use bucks to fill the gap come Monday. Zero top prizes for way too long. Let’s see if I get an orthocanthus tomorrow am.

I’m not really intrested in Diamond prize! I prefere gold prize with tournament creatures , because I can get Lythronax , Titanoboa, Gigantophis and Suchodus there (I haven’t them yet, so I hope I’ll get them there)…

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You should reconsider that position. The VIP creatures that you get for the diamond prize are considerably better than tournament ones. Definitely the BEST in the entire game with fast hatch times, high stats, and low cooldown times. The main reason I am finishing so easily in Dominator so quickly as a new player is having put so much work into obtaining as many VIPs as possible, and the lottery has definitely been a big part of that. I just imagine how much better I’d be doing if I didn’t have so many of those VIPs being aquatics (half of which alone are Tylos)!


Mary_Jo, I’ve been doing what you’re doing for a while now, and with the recent bad streak on the lottery, I’m starting to consider what Maxi is saying. I now have a steady array of VIPs, hybrids and superhybrids to easily clinch any tourney, so perhaps it’s time to kick back and slowly get those tournament dinos hatched and enjoy the graphics. Now I’m starting to wonder if I should’ve traded those two Zalmoxes for bucks! But I can always buy some since I got it unlocked.

Yeah, I get you on that… the only reason I’m somewhat reluctant to stop playing the lottery is that the VIP at the end is guaranteed… and you have chances to get the 50K ones that aren’t even in the 10K packs… I’ve gotten a number of those and they are some of my favorites. I’d be more inclined to skip the week entirely vs. going for the gold pack and NOT going for the diamond. I am though thinking of checking if the amount I am paying to play it is worth the resulting prizes…something other players have worked out before, but like you, it does seem like I’m not getting as many prizes before as I used to. I definitely have little need of more tournaments at this point because of how many are waiting to be hatched and having unlocked several that are useful for hybrids, so that’s also a good reason to not play it.


I’d say the 50k dinos are fool’s gold, and as they say, fools fall in. :flushed:
Once we get established with tourneys and PvE, winning consistently, we’ll have all the time and luxury to splurge, if we want to. Even when I can, I probably won’t, coz that just ain’t me. There’ll always be the braggarts who go, “Look! Look! Look! I got that super hard to get dino. I got it and you don’t.” Fool is as fool does. Nuff said. :sunglasses:

Oh, I can’t imagine ever paying 50K for anything just vs getting ANY other 5 of the 10K ones. But that’s why I make such an effort to get those chances to just win them in the lottery instead!


I know that … but don’t want to spend all my loyality points for the lottery!
3 times 10 tickets and 1 time 2 tickets at silver prize slot for DNA or 10 tickets at bronze prize are enough for gold prize, but when there are still slots I’m intrested in, I go for the Diamond prize…I agree that VIP’s are much better than Tournament’s, but the own VIP’s I wan’t are Metoposaurus, Acrocanthosaurus , Tylosaurus and Romaleosaurus…but the Tournament creatures I wan’t are Lythronax, Titanoboa, Gigantophis, Umoonasaurus & Suchodus , I haven’t got yet

That’s where tracking the points spent vs rewards may help, as to do the lottery you may not spend much more than a 10K pack costs but you also get the tourney plus a SR and common plus a fair amount of DNA and food, VIP decorations that are great for trading, etc. The VIPs you listed are mostly ONLY available in the lottery…or in 50K packs…personally I’d much rather do the lottery than pay the 50K.