The problem isn't really Thor, but having a max level unique at lower stages

Anyone currently in aviary or library know exactly what I’m talking about when I say that Thor is a problem in these two arenas.

People say boosts are the problem, and while I agree they are to some extent, it’s not a big as the problem of a max level unique at these stages. It’s because Thor is the easiest to obtain DNA for, therefore the fastest to level to max. I haven’t even created Thor or hunt for it’s DNA, but I’ve calculated I have enough to level to 27 at least. My actual team that I work on is 23 to 26, and that’s mostly DNA I tried for.

Theres no real solution to this except to nerf Thor or make one of the other uniques componants as easy to obtain.

I know people in Gyro and above are sick of hearing about this but I really do think Ludia should keep an eye on this problem and patch accordingly. Giving thor damage overtime resist was not a good decision.


There’s nothing wrong with Thor get over it. The problem is droppers.


Indoraptor is similarly attainable and doesn’t do bad against Thor


Wrong and wrong

Almost all player in my alliance already have thor in lvl 27-30 and you know what, the other dino in their team are just lvl 21-23 and they arent dropper.


thor, draco and indo are on average 3-5 levels higher than the rest of the team


Is no one going to mention the fact that the title of this thread is missing an important word?

Edit: they’ve changed the title


Demanding 500 or 1000 points for one boost up is required. The current 1 boost per 100 points system makes people boost up too easily.

Spoiler alert:

They aren’t going to fix it.

Soon: 50 % bleed resistance?

if you were able to do that with all 10’s you would need 2,700,000 dna or 2 million and 700,000 dna but if you did by the average of 20, you would still need 1,350,000 tarbo dna. You can’t get it to level 27. the max is 250,000 common dna.

Actually i presume it would take a very long time to get thor to 30. The gaming beaver got it on janurary 8th in 2019 and didn’t get it to 30 until october 23 in 2019. that is 288 days or about 10 months. The rpoblem is droppers, not easily accesible dna. it is but still takes forever

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The problem is the matchmaking, my team is level 20 the lowest and level 23 the highest, in the middle I have creatures of levels 21, 22. Several times I face creatures of levels 25, 26 and 27 even in 2 opportunities I had to lose to the whole team against a level 30 Indominus Rex and a Thoradolosaur 30 also on another occasion, that is the problem, if they paired me with creatures of levels like mine there would be no problems, and I believed that that, plus the exaggerated power-ups in certain creatures are the problem in the pvp arena.

If they made either tarbo or allosaurus exclusive it would be less of a problem I guess


It’s like they are trolling this comment ^


The game just continues to be less enjoyable in pvp, I feel that a substantial change is needed, but what, nobody here can agree on , raids seem to be more important to ludia at the moment.

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That’s like sticking your finger in the leak after the dam broke.

Applying boosts to power up a dinosaur is too easy. That’s why I think there should have been a DNA cost (based on Dino rarity) with applying boosts.

You want to apply a boost to a Thor, it will also cost 1000 Thor DNA (same amount of DNA it would cost to take Thor from 29 to level 30). Since boosts carry to the next level when a dinosaur levels up, the DNA cost would be the same regardless of the dinosaurs current level. Although thinking about that, leveling up increases two stats (damage/stamina) by an additional 5% where as a boost increases them by 2.5% per boost, so it would take a total of 4 boosts (2 to damage and 2 to stamina) to almost be equivalent to going up one level, so that DNA cost is probably a little overinflated. So maybe 50% or even 25% of the DNA it would take to take a dinosaur from level 29 to level 30.

With lower level dinosaurs it’s more advantageous to apply the DNA to leveling up to increase damage/stamina instead of spending DNA to apply boosts. (The exception to this would be Speed Boosts - and possibly Armor and Crit boosts in the future since they don’t change with leveling up. But then a player would be choosing whether to level up to increase Damage/Stamina or continue saving more DNA to apply one of the other stat boosts).

Boosts could then be 100% refunded to be used on different dinosaurs but DNA would not be returned. Because of the DNA costs, it would not be too simple to keep moving boosts from one dinosaur to another.

There would still be a need for players to get out and hunt for DNA, even for dinosaurs that have hit level 30.