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The Problem of Too Many Creatures

The more creatures there are, the less chance you have of finding and obtaining the DNA from particular ones you want for hybrids your making.

In this last update, I’m beginning to really see the problem new players are going to have to grow anything good. Even with some common creatures, you just don’t see them as often. Many rare ones are now actually rare to find.

Growing the hybrids you want now really entails the use of the sanctuaries but still takes weeks to get a creature to team level, one at a time. Even keeping up with growing the new creatures is a chore. I couldn’t imagine starting from scratch again.


There’s two sides to it I suppose. On one hand more creatures is good because it gives old and new players alike a reason to go out hunting. After two and a half years of playing I have everything, and it becomes a case of relying on my Alliance, sanctuaries and requests to get them to the level I want them to be. I still go out hunting to pass the time but nothing new ever appears.

I have proposed in the past that we do away with regions and exclusives. Just drop everything that isn’t a hybrid into the wild en mass. Make us go out and find that new DNA. Give everyone a reason to go out and find stuff. If that slows down newer players climbing up the Arena so quickly then I’m all for it for the sake of trying to balance out the matchmaking. Otherwise we will need a shedload of new Arena levels above what we currently have. The level brackets of teams have already started pushing down the Arena.

As a collector and dino fan, I want more new and varied prehistoric creatures in the game. More of that pleases me to no end. I want more dinosaurs, pterosaurs, cenozoics, permians, marine reptiles/cenozoics and some creatures from before the Permian (sea scorpions and cameroceros please!).

However, you are correct that more and more creatures will slow down new players. But if you don’t add new creatures the game gets stale for the standard player. It’s a tough balance but I’m sure that Ludia have things in mind.


We just need to spread them in 4 different zone + 1 park. There is enough global spawn

There are currently 16 hybrids on some sort of Spawn Rotation in the wild currently. When that number becomes 0, then let’s talk about the “overcrowding.”

Well, I suppose we could propose solutions up to that point, but the legitimacy of that problem is diminished.

I was suggesting it not for concerns of overcrowding but for the incentive of getting out and hunting what you need.

Solution #1: Daily Locale Exclusives
Move established creatures (for example: parasaurolophus, triceratops, smilodon) to spawn only on one day of the week in one locale. (i.e.: Friday, Locale 3) This frees up as many as 14 spawn slots for other creatures.

Solution #2: Raid Exclusives
Velociraptor, Entelodon, Carnotaurus, Scolosaurus, etc. are obtainable through raids. As we will has 12 raids per week, and 10 incubators available per raid, 120 chances to gather DNA isn’t bad, even from a large pool of creatures. This could free-up 24 spawn slots.

Solution #3: Era Scent Chases
Dart creatures specifically from the Permian, Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous or Cenozoic. One scent would be given on each weekday. This would allow for some creatures to be “scent exclusives.”

IDK, just a few thoughts.


No, I get that. I was quoting you not as a response, but to higlight sonething you said that I thought was important. :wink:

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I have everything but the Apex creatures. I have all the Unique’s and all the Legendary’s at level 20. Every release of new creatures, I work on getting the Unique’s and then the Legendary’s to level 20. After that, I work on bringing up some of the new Epics and Rares that I like to 20. I’m working on the Armadillo right now. I just finished with Poukaidei to 20. I leveled up my Irritator to 17 for the raids but Irritators are far and few between even though they are suppose to be everywhere at night. This is why the complaint about the ever growing amount of creatures. It’s getting harder to run into any particular one.

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The problem is, exclusives are a way bigger factor than things that aren’t exclusive, (well that’s what it is now but yeah) so that means that things like event exclusives (like Sonora, boa, nasuto and such) need to be given out more due to how limited they are. if they’re event exclusives, put them in a certain event week lol


I can agree with that.

@Oriondestiny: I think the problem has more to do with individual spawn rates. I ran two Gigas today and saw nearly as many Deltas as Eremotheriums. I did not see a single Tuojiangosaurus. This is something that does bother me. It’s obvious to me that some Rares have Common spawn rates and others have Epic spawn rates. I haven’t datamined to confirm it, but I’m pretty sure that Nodosaurus and Amargasaurus had better spawn rates than most rares for a couple of years…

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I’ve been saying it for a while that I think that hybrids shouldn’t spawn in the wild, allowing regular creatures to spawn more often. Why do we need creatures like ankylocodon and suchotator out there when they are easily obtainable through fusing?


They need to like change zones every week and maybe even add more zones that fit all dinos and drop the hybrid creatures, also add all exclusives onto map.

A zone could even be like an echosystem like where lets say rexes are in dawn of zone 1, their prey are in day spawn and other dinos are night spawns.

A zone should have at least 1 of every species.
For example: T-Rex, triceratops g2, Velociratpor, Para, Spinosaurus, Tuiojongosaurus, Ornithomimus, Ouranosaurus, Monolophosaurus.

I agree, though. Making the push for L30 on Vexus, and it’s been rough. Every time I see an epic, I think “could’ve been a Darwin.” Because it’s almost never Darwin :joy::neutral_face:

They could just make certain creatures unlocked at different levels