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The problem was never the boosts

The real problem is poor matchmaking.

It always felt bad to go up against some overboosted monsters with your mildy boosted team. The thing is… that is still going to happen. It won’t be as dramatic, but the same algo that matched you with teams beyond your power level will continue to do so.

And that’s not even the worst part.

Most people who actively played and did some tapjoy etc were able to reach into tier 7… some even touching tier 8s here and there without swiping for extra cash to buy boosts. And tier 7-8 was fairly powerful. Obviously not so much as tier 10 some people were rocking but you could have a fighting chance.

Now in the new system that tier 8 lvl of boost only gets you to tier 5… tier 7 is only worth tier 2 in todays boost math. Now take someone who dropped a little RL cash and was tier 10… thats worth tier 20 in todays math. So now you’re going to be fighting tier 20 stats with your tier 2-5.

Yes, yes i know “but they capped the boost tiers to the dinos level!” Yea, thats not going to save your tier 2-5 dino from getting detroyed by somehting with 20 tiers of boosts. Because lvl20 on a dino isn’t exactly hard to get.

This update did nothing but allow people to spend more RL cash and quiet some folks who were focused on boosts being the issue rather than the poor matchmaking.

It’s actually a simple disguise for Ludia to make more money off of the boosts. I bought boosts and now their value has been significantly reduced. I bought them as a product of one type of means and now they changed the product. The fact that people who didn’t realize the matching system was the issue was just a good excuse for them to turn my purchase of $70 into something that is now worth next to nothing in the game. It costs me 100 boosts to get what used to cost me 2. They is to say they’ve turned my $70 in $1.40 value


Ludia math, take from everyone equally makes it fair. Forgetting is minus the fact that players would have never spent that money only to get a 2% boost and that they did not fix the problem with match making

The matchmaking algorithm was (is) bad, but boosts inflated this problem massively. I kinda could’ve coped with the matchmaking without boosts. With them, no chance.

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The boost issue is even more pronounced now

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I am no fan of any of this. But I am not sure what you mean by “Now take someone who dropped a little RL cash and was tier 10… thats worth tier 20 in todays math.”

You just said tier 7 is now worth tier 2…tier 10 would be what…tier 4? That makes you next statement seem wrong, “So now you’re going to be fighting tier 20 stats with your tier 2-5.” Maybe I am misunderstanding what you are saying, but you are doubling the tier 10 to 20 while lessing the tier 7 to 2…it all gets lessened regardless of how the boost were obtained.

I am in no way advocating for the change…it has wrecked my team and I very unhappy with the money I spent being devalued to next to nothing. Ludia, while they did make a fun game, only seems to cater to ApexPredators and Tee Rex Says Boosts R Bad.

We can thank all of them for complaining and thank Ludia for shafting all of us in favor of the select few top players.

I’m sorry if it was a bit confusing. I’ll try to clarify.

Lets say you, and i’m going to generalize a bit here, have a “tier 7” team vs the exact same team that is a “tier 10”… and we’ll say thats t7 and t10 across all stats for each.

Under the old system the difference between you and your opponent would be 7% across all stats. So it’s significant, but not insurmountable with a little luck and some better choices in swaps etc.

Under the new system your dinos that were tier 7 , which costs a total of 254 boosts per stat, only have enough boosts to reach level 2 per dino. And your opponent who had tier 10 dinos, which cost 2046 per stat, can easily max out his dino however he wishes. Being 10/10/10 or 20/10/0 or whatever.

Your team with 2/2/2 or 0/6/0 or however you configure it has no chance against this big of a disparity.

And because of the terrible matchmaking you are fighitng the exact same people as before but now you have a much wider difference in power.

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Ok, I get your point. Those at the top, remain at the top (players who already used 2000 + sb on dinos). Those that had a chance but could not quite get there (those that used a lot of sb on dinos but not 2000), are now even further away.

The whole idea of a ftp game with IG purchases is to have an ecosystem where the whales are happy and the free players are plenty. This game isn’t that different either. The changes are just to nudge those who do spend a bit to spend a bit more. Since many stopped at tier 6 or tier 7 with their spending. Now they’re saying, “hey it costs just the same to go to tier 8 and 9, go for it!”

For players who don’t spend much, it’s pretty much a reset. Back to grinding for the boosts…

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As an added bonus it seems (accoring to other threads) that the 100 boosts for a tier-up per week that ludia talked about doesn’t actually give you 100 of the same type of boost. It leans heavily on getting 4 of each from the daily battle incubator. So unless you drop HC on stat boosts sales (maybe? we haven’t seen the HC price per stat in 2.0 yet) you won’t be getting your 1 tier up a week. You’ll need to wait 3-4 to get enough of a type of boost.

What they did was nerf every single Dino instead of the ones needing the nerf, I used odd balls on my team, and now they are literally unplayable.

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I hadn’t thought of that angle. Before you could level up something a bit off the wall if you wanted to spend the coins and you could get it to something reasonable like t4-t5 and have some fun with it. But now investing enough boost io a “non meta” type dino to make it semi-competitive and just for fun is pretty cost prohibitive.

Even with being able to refund your boosts losing 50% is a huge hit.

I don’t find matchmaking to be bad. How high in trophies do you want to go with mm helping you? The top? While skipping all the players who are also there?

If all you see is bigger dinos it’s time to look at your team for once. There was a point when it was actually bad. But it’s not that bad anymore.

Macthmaking is not bad??? When my level 21-22 team fights a level 28 boosted rat that is bad

There is nothing wrong with that if you have same trophy count.