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The problem with all of these new uniques.

Is I don’t have enough coins to level them!! Even with the extra coins this week I need like 400k to level up tryko.
On another note, I knew tryko was in tyrant tier, but wow! I’ve jumped up 400 trophies since adding him and erli on my team, almost in aviary now


yup,i knew they were powerful but i didn’t expect them to be overpowered.
At least they have a cool kit!


Exactly (part) of Ludia’s Plan…

“Let’s give them all these nice shiny new toys and watch the £££ roll in for them to be levelled”



Overpowered? Who? Tryko?
I think Tryko is one of the well to best balanced hybrids in the game. Tough and brutal, but not unbeatable.


This. Let’s not start another needless cry for nerfing


you have to compare him to dioraja.
He is almost 2X more powerful than him,his kit is nice and its not the problem,the problem come from his stats…
I mean 108 speed?
Huge damage?
0,5X counter dmg?
30% armor?
30% crit?
Health a little bit lower than a genuine T-rex?
aaand a defense shattering rampage.
So of course,its overpowered.
But at least i accept it more than a dracoceratops


Lol never called for that, first game in he got munched by a tryostronix, plus he can be killed by bleed. He actually has counters, unlike some rats I know of…


yup,i won’t complain about it,i have reach the 4500 trophy,so im ok with it ^^

Yes, but then don‘t nerf Tryko but buff Dioraja!
That‘s what Ludia should do! Not nerf good dinosaurs, but buff weak ones to make them really Uniques beeing worth the effort!


Àgreed, I ran out of coins and they had me forced into buying these €55 deals.

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People skipped Dioraja and next update Ludia will buff him so that he becomes better than tryko … lol


I just wish my tuora even came close to tryko or erlidom, my first unique but boy does he pale in comparison to the others


I don’t think he is way too overpowered but i think he need a slight nerf like 20% armor and 20% crit.
But first i have to compare about the 3 others tyrants.
I have dracocera and ofc,nothing to compare.

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I know. I wasn’t trying to throw you under the bus. Tryko is just as good as a unique is supposed to be. He has true counters and plenty of things that grind him down even if they lose. It is not OP but I know that will be a battle cry for a few weeks as folks that have almost never seen one face it with their lv16-17 teams with no real counters.

And Toura isn’t as good as Tryko by any measure but it’s better than it gets credit for tbh


Toura being a bad dino does not equal Tryko being OP. Toura just falls a bit short in so many areas of the meta at once. By those standards virtually every Unique is OP

Oh tryko is for sure overpowered. Now that everyone has it more people will realize it. It does way everything way too well.

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That‘s why I changed priority and went after her first today. :slight_smile:
A buff would be sooo great…like the before/after effect Tryko had.

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They never forced u. You could‘ve also shown some patience to earn ur weekly coins by using every opportunity. :wink:

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Ludia be like



OMG !!

Don’t get spoiled when getting all this free UNIQ DINOS !!

They should have power because they are super hard to evolve.

We are many players who have played the game since summer 2018, and FINALY we can upgrade to both TRYKO and ERLIDOM - BECAUSE WE ALSO HAVE Level 20 + level 20 of the core material!

Newbies who get their free uniqs this weekend will see later on how hard it been to find tons of ERLIKO and all this T-REX / KENTRO / ANKYNTRO.

Is seems easy to dart a uniq and get 250 DNA in this event.

BUT remember how mutch CORE material and CORE dna that would be!!

Don’t come and ask for nerfs. Keep playing.