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The problem with coins

In this game it is way too hard to collect a good amount of coins and when you do you have to spend all of it evolving dinosaurs to level up. I had began thinking about this mainly because I has used some in game bucks for coins and had about 120,000 which is the highest I have ever had and quickly ran through most of it because the amount of coins needed to evolve dinosaurs increases drastically every time for example the jump from level 15-16 &16-17

Now let’s say you buy 25,000 coins with bucks
you would only be able to do a 15-16 & 16-17 evolution and just as quickly as you gained coins they have all been used up

TL;DR: evolution is very expensive/ high coin numbers are difficult to obtain


That’s kind of the point. It’s a pain but necessary. After a certain point it has to slow down for balance.

well… broken matchmaker brought me a solution to lack of coins:

don’t update anything. :man_facepalming:

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If you stay activ and do your daily tasks, then coins come by themself.

Also try to find a good alliance. The missions there give a good little boost aswell.

Coins are really that hard to get. Max your coins on your regular and special supply drops. Donate dna. Do battles and strike towers.

I’m level 20 and I have just over 1million coins. I just leveled utasinoraptor up to level 28 it cost 150,000.

My lowest Dino is level 10 and that’s because that’s the lowest they could evolve at and they don’t have hybrids. I’ve taken all dinos to the levels they need to evolve. I’ve got all legendary to level 20 besides monostegotops because I’m waiting until I unlock vex to use my mono dna. I have a level 30 Stegodeus and my team average is 25.

Just play daily and only level up what you are working on at the moment.

Don’t buy coins until there’s a coin sale. So save your bucks.

Coins??? :money_mouth_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
So I keep playing my primary account here but I don’t PvP but once a month now so there is no point to leveling anything especially when it has a negative affect. So they just keep adding up.

Should hit 4 million tomorrow.

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Money is now useless whats The point of money and pay for upgrades with it when you can boost the cr** out of every dino with boosts and dont waste a single coin?
Boosts are just ridiculous and by far the worst thing ever come to JWA iff they will stay they need a restriction like 5 boosts per dino only
That would made everyone choose wisely improving balance and strategys not the mess it is right now with thors and cancerous Rats flying for the arena with 140-150speed its just disgusting and its killing the game wich was great

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