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The problem with compycalus and other flocks

I’ve been on the forums recently and have seen quite an uproar about these new flock creatures like dodocevia and compsolacalus. I must agree, there is a problem, but for once it really isn’t Ludia’s fault…for the most part. So, compsalocalus is one of the new big uniques out there right now and it is showcasing the flock mechanics really well. But these guys are strong, like really strong. Being able to regain a new member is really handy with alert scurry, essentially allowing compy to survive about 4 attacks most of the time. Unboosted, these tiny devils can take geminititan, hadros lux, and magnapyritor to name a few. They have one of the best matchup spreads in the game. So, is this the issue I’m talking about? NO . The complaints I see are that these guys are able to wipe a gem out easily or toss around a mortem like a rag doll. And this is where the problem is. The problem isn’t they can kill every creature in the game, but rather it’s they can counter all of MY creatures. These guys not only give the cunning class some representation, which is long overdue, but they also counter many relevant creatures, but lose hard to quite a few creatures that are not so common. First up is skoona, but this is sure to change as skoona is insane and people will want it on their teams. But it gets hard-walled by poukendactylus and indo gen 2 for example. Heck, it loses to already common creatures like ceramagnus and smilonemyes. This isn’t Ludia’s fault, but rather the player-base unwilling to bend to accommodate this new feature. These guys are here to stay, and if you don’t want to build a team to deal with them, don’t complain how it killed your grypo, tryko or whatever. This isn’t Ludia’s fault…mostly.

(I say mostly because while they did nothing wrong with compsalocalus, the compy gen 1 spawn rate is messed up. Ludia, you cannot say that using 8 epic scents in a row and having a total of 1 compy is “normal”. This should be fixed ASAP)


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Say it louder for those in the back! Compsocaulus has come to shake up the meta, and if you don’t change your tactics, then yeah, you’re gonna get stomped. Compsocaulus is strong, but it is not busted OP.


I was unaware it was flagged lol


I don’t think the flocks are that strong in pvp, but honestly counter attack dinos kill them with ease especially the ones that can shield.
Dioraja is your best counter.
The only way I can see them being op is in the custom tournaments.
Yeah they are not OP.
Heck the unique Eagle(Poukan) can kill them.

People saying Poukan can beat it are running Poukan?

Heck velociraptor beats Magna but I never saw anyone running it to use against it!

So let’s keep it real please.


Why use velociraptor when you got other uniques that can beat it like erliko. Uniques to uniques is real talk


I’m not just saying that poukan beats it I’m using that one as an example will give you a list of examples

  1. Dioraja
  2. Skoona
  3. Poukan
  4. Spinocon
    I can give more example they aren’t that OP.

I have a use! My stats are still horrible but its something!

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Yeah spinocon beats it if you go evasive stance first turn, the bleed destroys it

Ya lux and mujungaboa don’t beat it, Spinoconstrictor is also not 100% either. However another counter is enteloania, and I think Mammolania as well but the sims are a bit iffy with that match up specifically

Shake ups the meta no. Adding one more dino that now everyone is gonna use and make other useless, yes.


Just tested majun and it doesn’t work OK :joy: but lux is 50/50 I will accept defeat on that one.
But spinocon does beat it I’ve done several battles and I have double the wins for spinocon than comp.
I thought majung would stand a chance due to the immunity to distraction but its stats are terrible :rofl:

Yes, that’s what shaking up the meta means…
Means people are gonna have to change what they put on their teams, meaning we aren’t going to be seeing what we’ve been seeing on every single team for the past half a year.

Lux doesn’t though because of scurry and absorb. I’ve tried every combination and lux just doesn’t beat it no matter how much you try to predict.

Not really, its one dino. A change would be if now all cunnings were viable, instead of the usual magna or spxs. Now its just gonna be spxs, comp and nemys. Not a change as basically hey another cunning…… At least this one is useable. Its not that people think its really op as much as why does one creature get to be soo good for how “easy it is to get” (although ludia butchered the spawns as always) when their are much more deserving creatures that need to be good but just aren’t or the meta and or certain creatures done allow them to be.


Haven’t tested lux yet in the battle simulator yet trying out unqiues first since it is a unqiue.

  1. Quezs seems decent if you can predict the big hit, the long invincibility helps.
  2. Spino, has to go evasive stance first is what I’ve gathered.
    Just selecting unqiues at random atm.
    Will try apexs after unqiues but thanks for the head up on lux.

I never said it was completely rehauling the meta. I said it was shaking it up, which it is. I know, bc I’m already seeing more and more people putting Skoon on their teams, and re-adding Dioraja, and Gemini, and even Spinoconstrictor. Now, you could continue complaining about Compsocaulus, and how “OP” you think it is, or you could add a couple counters, that are also just good Uniques in general, to your team.

Skoona isn’t really cause of comp its just that good and it beats basically every apex reliably except I think mort. Gemini actually saw a significant decrease in use after the boost reset and mostly from top players. Lower to mid are now finally being able to unlock/use it and starting to put them on their teams. Along with the championship thats approaching and last months CoTM. Spinoconstrictor i can guarantee is not coming back, its rng against the thing and its easily swapped in on or just killed/shutdown.