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The problem with crit reduction

The problem with it is that even when your dino has a half immunity to it, half of its crit chance should go away, or am I wrong.
Because dinos I’ve used with some immunity to crit reduction still get their crit chance taken away.
I dunno about you, but this is aggravating to me.

As long as the creature has some resistance to crit reduction, it’s crit chance won’t go down to zero upon use of a single Cunning move.

I don’t really know what your complaint is. Are you saying that you’re just unlucky with crits?

I think there’s some confusion here possibly. I think he’s referring to the resistance description.

For example, on Maxima it says…

Crit Reduction 50% - This creature’s chance to deal a Critical Hit is less reduced.

Either it’s poorly worded, or it’s referring to your own dino’s crit instead of the potential incoming crit???

Crit reduction resistance is very clearly referring to your own critical chance.

Ah yes i’m understanding it now. It’s for when an opponent reduces your critical chance. I get it now. Reading the OP confused me.

I typed it quickly, but you got it

I still don’t get what the complaint is.

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