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The problem with the rhino 🦏

Time for my monthly rant time…and no it not about nerfs its actually about buffs.

Anyway this is for the mods to see and share feedback

As know you all probably know a couple days ago I unlocked monolorhino…and after using it…I got a lot to say. So lets get started

It’s kit and stats don’t make sense

First of all let me read you the exact quote ludia has given on what this creature SHOULD BE LIKE

Monolorhino | Unique Fierce Anti-Tank Tank Superhybrid (DoT, Distraction, Definite, Nullify, Immune)

Add some Woolly Rhinoceros DNA to the Monolometrodon and you create the Monolorhino. Because two of its “ingredients” are common, Monolorhino can be a Unique for players who are below the Leagues in the rankings.
With average damage, high health, average speed, and a bit of armor, Monolorhino can defeat Resilient opponents with its Lethal Wound and Definite Impact. With that latter ability it can successfully deal with Dodgers. With Distraction and Distracting Impact, it can deal with high damage opponents for a few turns. Thanks to its Immunity, Monolorhino’s speed cannot be reduced, giving it an edge in some matchups against slow speed control tanks

Now according to ludia this hybrid is suppose to be

  • An anti-tank tank
  • easy to make
  • best used against resilient creatures, chomper, and tanks.
  • basically jack of all trades with DoT, Definte moves, distraction and nullification

Now instantly looking at the creature even back when when it was first “released“ something was very wrong
For one the high health tank had only 3900 hp that is very low health that is indo level health, then we saw its attack only 1000…that was terrible considering it had lower attack than 2/3 of its parents. Then its move set was changed without warning to double distraction.

I mean to show you how bad this thing is as a tank or just as Dino in general lets compare it to other dinos.

Like just sad like honestly what were they thinking and if it wasn’t bad enough since the time of release this creature has gotten a NERF thats right the second worst unique in the game got a nerf cause it DoT got buffed .1%. :man_facepalming:.

Not even monmuimus the joke that its has been has been this bad as it at least has stats comparable le to its parents and even then it’s hybrid vexus who is a fast speedster some how has substantially more health than the actual tank. EVEN THIS THINGS OWN HYBRID IS BETTER STAT WISE!

But I digress…lets move on




Now another problem was the quote “easy to create” which is what the rhino was supposed to be was an absolute lie… as the rhino turned out to be a huge lie. As it turned out to be epic incubator, this meant that for almost two months for anyone to be even close to unlocking it and even then it took an entire update till it became a local spawn. So no it wasn’t ease.

Now see ludia according to ludia the rhino should be very bad to meh cause of how easy it is to create cause it has (two common components) and yet there are many other creatures that also require two commons and [insert epic rarity Creature here]: Grypolth, indoraptor, stygidaryx, Thoradolosaur, and I’m also going to count the future dracoceratops hybrid. Then even some don’t require an epic at all for right now that would be tenatorex {common+rare+rare) and everyone of them is better than Monolorhino , why Idk? Plus we seen that components do matter nor that your a superhybrids as seen by phorasura, prorat, indom gen2, and entelomoth.

Now that doesn’t mean it should be as good as say something like tryko, nemys, or maybe mammolania. Yet as someone replied once, “ even the worse unique should be better than the best legendary ”


It’s better cousin

Another just middle finger in the rhinos way is wooly’s other hybrid.

Keratoporcus Legendary Hybrid | Resilient, Furious, Anti-Tank, Tank

  • The keratinous horn of the Woolly Rhinoceros manifests on the boar-like frame of Archaeotherium. Its glacier-defying fur gives it even more armored protection and renders it Immune to Damage over Time, while featuring a bulk of HP that rivals many Ankylosauridae. With Decelerating Strike, Mutual Fury, Definite Rampage, and Lethal Wound, Keratoporcus can bring the pain to any tank while resisting against pouncers thanks to its Immunity to Distractions. The added bulk of rhinoceros DNA slows it down a bit, so it cannot hope to outspeed the usual speedsters with Mutual Fury.

Facing the horned boar? While it can’t be distracted or bled, using a high speed creature with rending attacks, stuns, deceleration and nullification abilities will help.

Now why bring porqus into the conversation…cause for some reason its somehow better in every way than rhino is basically what the rhino should be. It has lots of health, good attack, and it has a jack of all trades kit and yet it’s legendary hybrid that requires one common and an epic? For example here is a battle i had with a porqus and my rhino.

This is just …like what do you say to that. Also before you say well its boosted its one one tier…83 extra health

I mean just look at the tier list for proof on the difference in both utility and power between these two…and porqus just fell a tier just as i was writing this…welll s…


Now ludia we know you guys are planning a big rework for the next update so I’m telling you now early on…fix the rhino but DON’T PULL A GEMINITITAN OR MAXIMA BUFF ON IT we just need a proper buff to make it as good as the other uniques. Just increase the health to tank stats, give it some attack.

Here some combinations to give some consideration


Health: 4700
Attack: 1000
Speed: 116
Armor: 15%
Immunity: full


  • Distraction
  • Lethal wound
  • Distracting impact
  • Definite rampage
    Health: 4,500
    Attack: 1,250
    Speed: 116
    Armor: 15%
    immunity: full
  • Null strike
  • Lethal wound
  • Revenge Distracting Impact
  • Definite impact
    Health: 4,400
    Attack: 1,350
    Speed: 120
    Armor: 15%
    Immunity: full

Definite Strike
Lethal wound
Distracting impact
Nullifying Impact
Health: 4,600
Attack: 1,100
Speed: 117
15%: Armor
Immunity: full


  • Distraction
  • Lethal wound
  • Revenge Distracting Impact
  • Revenge Defense shattering Rampage

Honestly people down below will probably leave better reworks but still you guys have another opportunity ( i mean you already had three so far but what ifs) anyway rant over.

Also here is a small poll

  • Rhino needs a nerf
  • Rhino needs a buff
  • Rhino needs a rework
  • Rhino needs to be Dimorphodoned
  • Rhino needs to be Geminied

0 voters

So ya once your done…you can leave now…

unless you wanna stay and leave your own ideas/rework or spread #bufftherhino around then ya you can go


A shame its awful I really like the design its too cute :slight_smile:


Same, one my favorite and better looking design of the Cenozoic hybrids


I couldn’t agree more. Seeing as the other Cenozoic hybrids are incredibly powerful, it is not fair that Rhino is trash. #BuffForRhino


No single one voted for a nerf. Don’t even think about that, Ludia


And yet they nerfed anyway :upside_down_face:

Shows how sometimes it feels like they don’t even play there own game.

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“Due to having 2 common ingredients, we decided to replace Lethal Wound with Gashing Wound. We also decided to lower Rhino’s speed to 114, to make sure he can’t outspeed the eXcLuSiVe bAlAnCeD Mammolania anymore. We also heard your complains about immune meta. Monolorhino was indeed who caused this problem, so we decided to lower his HP to 3000 and armor to 0%”


And we also got rid of its immunity as it made no sense why it would have unlike our boi Geminititan he makes sense…


Dont forget the attack multipliers that are all changed to 1x attacks

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Exactly, immunity should be given only to dinos who deserve it from their bloodline. Geminititan is a perfect example of this rule

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Nah. Distracting Impact becomes Distracting Smack. Now it does 0.5x damage




And all of its moves do recoil damage

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Mammolania exists

Ludia: M.rhino time for your monthly nerf!


I like how the comparison pictures has Grypolyth twice, it’s just so bad that Grypolyth needed to show up twice to put it down.


I appreciate the work that went into this thread.
Also, for some reason I keep forgetting that Grypolyth has 2 Commons for Ingredients.
If people think Grypolyth is balanced (and I’m pretty sure they do), then you could argue that Monolorhino deserves Low Tyrant levels of power.


Just a simple 4500 hp and 1200 attack along with null counter would work

Tho if anything deserves to be Gemini’d it’s this guy

Ooh, I finally found my Monolorhino rework.
~ 4500 HP
~ 1200 attack
~116 speed
~15% armour

Decelerating Strike
•Distracting Impact
Impaling Impact
Defense-Shattering Impact


Impaling Impact : Remove positive effects. Deal 1.5x damage. Inflict 0.34x opponent’s max HP as DoT for 2 turns. Delay:0, Cooldown:2.

I kinda like the idea of a 3-Impact kit, like the old Monostego. I haven’t used Monolorhino a lot, and I don’t know if this kit is tanky enough, but I think it’d do pretty well.

Decelerating Strike helps if Impaling Impact is on Cooldown, against faster opponents.

Defense-shattering Impact is good for revenge-killing, without wasting the important moves. Besides, the Cloak-removal isn’t necessary since Impaling Impact Nullifies.

The attack stat is taken from Pterovexus, which is also a bulky Immune bleeder with a similar moveset.

My original rework included a speedup move, but I suppose that’s a little ahead of its time, or rather, the opposite.

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I can never not laugh at Ludia’s statement that Monolorhino is easy to create.