The problems with the event stops

I have the problem that I only have two green event stops in my area at the moment since 2 days.
Both event stops are km away from each other, how should i catch 9 epic dinos?

In your warnings you dont allowed to play when you drive a car but with the logic of your event stops you do the opposite. I dont understand your logic, Jurrasic World Alive is a game which should brings people in the nature to play the game outside but with rare event you disire to drive with the car or the people should have run a marathon.

We have such big problem with our environment every medium tells us news how we should save our planet, so please fix this bug that people dont need to drive by care to the event stops. THANKS!


No no no… you mean well but you’ve got it all wrong. The idea is not to bring a nice game that forces you to go outside and have a blast in the middle of nature’s beauty…

the idea is to get you as frustrated as possible so you won’t even bother to go out but instead just buy yourself oblivious to boosts, Incubators and coins… only to be slaughtered even quicker in the Arenas :joy:


It doesn’t make it right, good game design, or okay, but iirc if you dart a dinosaur at a green stop, another will appear later that day, if I’m having a really bad chronic pain day I can just sit on my couch and use the one or two green drops I can reach from there to get my darting chances in, I just have to remember to pop the game open to check and see when the dino has reappeared.