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The proceratomimus killer!

Indo g2. Even proceratmomimus can’t handle it. It is known for being the ultimate staller but indo g2 is immune to distraction and it bypasses evasive abilities which is the only thing keep proceratomimus alive for most creatures that are immune. Even indo g2’s rampage usually goes by evasive.

Uhm… you realize that NOW procerath can counter IG2 right? If it still had definite rampage then IG2 wins 100% of the time.


With the same level procerathomimus can kill indo g2,
Evasive, indo goes cs
Indo goes rampage (it only has 25persen to bypass it) or cs again, procerathomimus goes NS
Then procera goes for DR, if indo g2 goes for evasive and dodge it, procerathomimus goes for NS again

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For me, any rampage bypasses 80% of the time. It makes no sense. I just used Indo with evasive. Pro era has a 25% o bypass and bypasses. It is the same for Indo, allosino, indigo g2 on a rampage, gorgosuchus, and ,many more.