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The Pterosaur question

Given that Pterosaurs are currently my weakest Jurassic creatures (my best is lvl 40 Dimorphodon) i decided to remedy that, but i can’t decide on wich one to go for. What pterosaur (and at what level) is recomended given my current lineup?

If you have it unlocked this one is very similar in Ferocity to your diplosuchus:

Or this hybrid if you can make it at level 30 is very close as well. And I think the creatures to unlock this one are easier to come by:

Went and looked up the creatures and yes they are easier to come by then the tournament creature, unless you happen to have the tournament unlocked:

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Thanks for the answer. I do not have Darwinopterus unlocked, but i do have Tupuxuara. Tapejalosaurus is one i am considering as well.
Btw, i am very close to unlocking Suchoripterus. Is that any good?

Yes it is but it is more costly than the rare hybrid, and pound for pound the rare hybrid is more powerful when you take into account the DNA cost, IMO.

The rare hybrid is Over Powered for its DNA cost but it makes it an excellent option for a strong bird to have in your line up.


Some time ago before I had any of the tourney or VIP birds, I needed a bird too, and so I got myself 3 suchopterouses at level 40, and they are very expensive, underpowered, and have a long CD, over a full 24 hour day.

I just sold one today and I got 71,000 DNA from it, now that I got myself 3 VIP birds and the tournament birds on the way. I probably pumped half a million DNA into all 3 of them, because they are so expensive and overrated.

To put it in perspective, a level 40 suchopterous is less ferocious than a level 30 indominous.

Go with the Tapejalosaurus because it’s far cheaper and has amazing stats for a rare hybrids (IIRC best rare hybrid) then as a fallback go with a tropogopterous, however it will be less powerful.

Also as a side note, I’d like to see a super hybrid for the tropogopterous since it’s so weak compared to the tapejalosaurus. Same goes for the Metrilong.


Thanks for all the suggestions. Tapejalosaurus is being hatched right now.
Suggestion for the game: please buff Suchoripterus. Dragons should be more powerful.

Any VIP dinos? Majority of my best are VIPs.

VIPs are the dream. But the game seems awfully determined NOT to give me a lvl 20 Jurassic VIP.

I trade anything for VIP points and when I say majority I have 8 level 20 VIPs. I have a level 40 stegoceratops that I probably should have left 2 30s. And I have 5 level 10 Gorgosuchus from the tournament challenge. Which is still surprising to me they did that for the best amphibian in the game. But I have no problem beating the daily challenges even though I rarely use the stego since the cooldown is 19 hours.

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