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The purpleness

I noticed that many people have been complaining about dinosaurs either giving off purple gas or even TURNING purple themselves. I was just wondering, is this another thing Ludia calls “quality gameplay”? Or is it the work of a powerful force like Apatosaurus?

Don’t bash on the purple smoke… I wish it was around more often. Looks cool

Agreed, but I hope they eventually add a feature to let us customize the color.

Given the location of it and timing might I suggest… A nice yellow green or brown …

Yeah my girlfriend was battling and her Dino and the opponents were both farting purple. No clue what it’s about.

When awesome things happen, it’s best not to question them. Just enjoy the moment.

My favorite color!

I’ve never seen it when battling (I try not to do much of that) but yesterday the drone took ages to launch, and when it finally did it had turned my roads hot pink (my favourite colour too, @anon44209425).

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