The pvp sound great

NOT. Ive seen countless of people fustrated with the way the pvp system is being managed. And i dont blamed them who the hell likes getting their level 19 indorex getting one shoted by a level 14 grogosaurus and did no dodges what so ever in the next match ? NO ONE. IM NOT GOING TO DENY THAT RNG IS THE REASON FOR IT. BECAUSE IT IS!!!.

Ill be blunt. I dont sugar coat things like most people who only lives through pay check too paycheck do. Im not gonna give any money at alll until everything is fair and make sense. Ill gladly spend 70 bucks on a an incubator if it really help me get on top of the arena and not getting beaten by lowrr level who keep getting crits and stuns. But spending it now, i’d rather give it to the nigerian prince who sent me an email about his frozen assets.




Don’t like it then don’t play. Simples.

I just want some DNA

I’ll give you some dna but you won’t like it :joy:

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You got his email too!!!?

MMMMMM!!! Frozen assets! Homer Simpson reference! :joy: