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The PvP system is bad and confusing


To be honest the PvP is absolutely joke and I always have to fight against pro player even with stronger Dino’s for their opponents is 100% for sure which make me so annoying like legendary and high level common rare or super rares and losing the match is so infuriating the matchmaking system is frustrating and this will needed to be fixed I will not fighting against stupid rigged pro until it fixed


You are actually fighting against the computer, their is no PvP, only simulated PvP. If you are getting bad matchups it is most likely due to the dinosaurs you are picking to go to battle with. The bot player will generally pick a level playing field unless you are picking some strange matchups on your side. If you notice in the two screen shots below I am picking my team from creatures that are very close in the ferocity scale. This is to insure that when the bot picks the matchup I do not have any creatures on my side that are much better than the others causing a potential mismatch on the opponents side. I also tend to not pair up the same classifications to insure I have options on my side. Both matches I won. The game will almost always pick something for you to fight against that you can win 80–90% of the time as you get better at picking your matchup you can increase your win ratio to 95-99%. It takes time but you will find your teams that generally get great matchups. I play almost the same teams every day for my PvP dailies and I have gotten to where I might loose a match once or twice out of 80 matches on average. I will sometimes go weeks with out losing. This was not how it was in the beginning though but if you put enough time in you will get better.


Very well said, Sion.

For the most part, I avoid the PvP battles because I don’t have time for them, and the rewards don’t feel worth it to me. I don’t do the daily VIP missions for that reason too.