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The Question of The Day #1:Funky things from the ocean depths

Introduction to The Question of The Day:
This is a series where I will be posting a question related to both palaeontology and your opinions. Some questions are highly disputed; others are out of my own curiosity. So let’s start:

Today’s question creature is commonly known as Predator X. Yup, Pliosaurus funkeii. BBC Earth’s Planet Dinosaur has posted many videos on this terror of the deep. So today’s question is:
Do you think Pliosaurus funkeii was really the apex predator of the sea or would it be overshadowed by other marine reptiles like Mosasaurus and Tylosaurus?
Note: I mean only MARINE REPTILES and not creatures like Dunkleosteus and Megalodon.

So what are your views on this question?
(P.S. I accept requests for questions)

We’ll never enough about extinct ecosystems like this to be able to say but I would hazard a guess that mosasaurs were the top dog of the oceans at that time.

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