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The Question of The Day #2:How big are you, man?

Today’s question creature is Liopleurodon. So let’s start with the question:
Some sources say that this beast was 5 - 6 metres large in size. Others say that it could have grown to a whopping 25 metres in size. So how large sizes do you think this terror could actually grow to?

I think you are talking about a saurapod

No I’m not

It’s a marine reptile

There is a video called the accuracy and inacuracy in walking with dinosaurs that explains why the liopleurodon is so big in walking with dinosaurs. They were incomplete remains of a pliosaur wich have been assigned to liopleurodon. Due to their incompletenes many different size reconstructions were made wich some of them got up to 25 meters. However they are now debunked to actually be from liopleurodon. And the type species liopleurodon ferox actually is indeed 5 - 7 meters long wich is the average size of pliosaurs

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