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The Question of The Day #8: I'm the only odd one out

Ok, so I put this series on hold for a while and took a short break. But anyway I’ll be continuing from today. So, today’s question is:

Why is Spinosaurus the only rumoured to be quadrupedal spinosaurid around here? If you think about it, all other spinosaurs are just bipedal according to palaeontologists. And since they all are from the same genus, shouldn’t they look similar to each other?

So what your opinions on this question?

They’re actually from the same family, not genus. That allows for quite a bit of variation. Also there hasn’t been any fossil evidence of quadrupedalism in the others as far as I know, so there’s really no reason to think they would be quadrupedal.


It’s already debunked. Spinosaurus arms have turned out to be to weak to hold it’s body weight

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Yes and no… they made that determination a long time ago however as the models improve so do weight estimates. I know it’s not the most popular things among JP fans but the most recent weight estimates for spino have it under 4 tons and no longer classified as a Maga theropod so the whole too heavy thing is likely still on the table

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