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The Question of The Day #9: Terrible Claw VS. Dreadful Lizard

Ok, so today’s battle is between GORGOSAURUS and DEINOCHEIRUS.


Size: 8 - 9 m
Weight: 2.5 tons
Height: 2.7 m
Top speed: 48 kph
Bite force: 3 Tons
Weapons: Crazy speed, Massive bite force, Sharp teeth


Size: 11 m
Height: 3.3 - 4 m
Weight: 6.4 - 7 tons
Speed: > 17 mph
Bite force: Very weak
Weapons: Big size, Massive claws, Bulkiness, Strong feet able to kick strong dinosaurs like Tarbosaurus

So, who do you think might have won this legendary battle???

Ah yes, walking with dinosaurs 2013 gorgo, ah the memories
I don’t know much about these two, but I think if maybe gorgo snuck up behind deinocheirus avoiding the claws and went for the legs it can wound it and make it easier prey allowing it to have a good winning chance, unless the deinocheirus is fortunate enough to slash at the gorgo and cause enough damage for gorgo to leave I think it would live to fight another day

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Probably Deinocheirus, given that it was capable of fighting off Tarbosaurus, which was larger than Gorgosaurus.

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I’d say Deinocheirus, it’s far too large and heavy for a
single gorgosaur to even consider attacking unless it’s was already wounded or sick.