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The Rage Mechanic

Rage is a new mechanic were the move becomes stronger and better if the opponent has taunt, making taunt more impactful in battles and raids

Some rage move might have negative effect like vulnerability or recoil damage and more but there usually small

Like alert move, they won’t change until the next turn

If taunt finishes or removed then the returns to it calm state

There are three states, calm, clever, and inraged

If a creature with rage and taunt immunity, it enter it clever state instead of where it gain a big buff to fully take advantage of the enemy taunt with no drawbacks


:thinking: very interesting concept. I like it! :grin:

(not sure how it can be perfectly added to the game, but it is a clever idea nonetheless! :+1:)

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Very clever idea! If tuned properly, it could give enough situational power to Fierce creatures to allow them to properly punish Resilient picks! Passives on moves that add additional affects when enraged, increased damage while the opponent has taunt, perhaps a heal when removing taunt? So many cool options!

I really like the idea! Would give the Fierce class a much needed new dimension!

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this sounds nice and idk if its similiar but i definitely would like to see an on-kill mechanic, perhaps like a small attack/speed buff, nothing major to keep it balanced