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The Raid Issue With The Apex Dinosaurs Overrun

I wish I had posted this two days ago when I had the conversation with my Alliance. I asked if they noticed an issue with Raids no one was talking about. Then I told them who knows how many Apex dinosaurs they have planned. If you had one of every type of dinosaur in the game that’s a lot. I don’t take issue with it really, but highly doubt Ludia will let every Raid there ever was stay on the schedule forever. I see them eventually having to swap out Uniques and below. So how long until the weekly schedule is eventually overrun by nothing but Apex? You can’t swap them because it’s their only way to be accessed and you have to not only unlock them, but level them.

The thing is, even though we have a great community with all these strategies mapped out, life happens and I’m just wondering how long before you have to choose which Raids you invest in because you can no longer hit them all as the people you coordinate with just cant sit through four a day. Not to mention if you are a group that already performs several battles a day for one Raid.

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I just dont see them keeping them all. Like eventually they will likely stop certain Raids from being available, which is understandable. But do we really want a clutter of Raids? Don’t get me wrong. I like the idea of multiples, but they do realize they have days unused right? I just dont see the long-term future of Raids being a well rounded one. Eventually these are going to have to be on a schedule. The only ones that truly matter are Apex. They are exclusives. I would just like to know a solid number of how many they actually have planned. I’m hoping they don’t suddenly decide to take an Apex off the schedule one year.

Yes… I would luv a clutter of Raids. :+1::t_rex::t_rex::t_rex::t_rex::t_rex::t_rex::t_rex::t_rex::t_rex::t_rex::t_rex::t_rex::t_rex::t_rex::t_rex::t_rex:

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You got a point. We already have people in my alliance saying they won’t be doing all the raids, and I don’t blame them.

What worries me though is another thing… Unbalance (as if we didn’t have enough of that already)

We have people in the Library that haven’t got much Mortem DNA, if any… Meanwhile, others have unlocked it and MANY are considerably close to that… So, with another one coming, it won’t be long until we have people with two Apex in ther team, fighting against people with none. Then a third one will come… You get the point… In the future, the arena will be very clearly divided between those with Apex creatures and those without them. Especially amusing on season resets when we all drop to the Library.

I’m glad some people get my point. I’m not complaining personally, but I care about other people’s experience as well. I help a lot of people with Raids after personally completing my own way earlier due to early access, but now this also means less time to help others as we all try to figure out strategies for these new Raids and sometimes no matter if a strategy works you run into issues with critical damage or what have you.

It will probably be reminiscent of the game’s early days, back when Indoraptor was rarely seen, and when it was, it destroyed entire teams of legendaries and below. For a lot of people, the entire match depended on whether or not you got Indoraptor in your line up.

If Apex dinos are too strong, Ludia could limit you to using one per team. Competetive Pokemon did something similar at one point, only allowing one powerful mega evolution per team. Although then everyone would just use the one best Apex, and if you weren’t dealt it in your 4 you would be at a disadvantage. Hopefully they don’t end up being much stronger than Uniques.

Hopefully if they add more than 4 uniques they rotate them out regularly, or create more raiding days.