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The Ranger is severely unpowered

When rebalancing, he must have been overlooked.
PLEASE make him stronger!

What gear do you have? I find him to be one of the more powerful using his legendary trinket, epic bow, push ability, and AC debuff/extra attack.

I don’t know how many times the ranger has killed my entire team on the first turn of PVP, but it is not a small number.

What exactly needs to be buffed here?

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I think he was ironic…maybe :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Just maybe.

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However his legendary bow needs fixing. Unless you have it at level 4 it is so much worse than the epic. Give it some other spark, not just same as epic effect. If it hit three targets instead (like Tommys legendary sword) it would be so much cooler.
Legendaries need to be legendaries.

I don’t mind if the legendary bow gets a buff, because it is not that great, but those axe attacks need a nerf badly. They are much more overpowered than the bard’s dominate or the cleric’s deathward. These things need to be a priority.

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