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The Raptor Brotherhood 5/4 is recruiting

UPDATE 9/13: We have 1 opening

The Raptor Brotherhood is looking for 1 very active member. We finally got 5/4 last week and on course again this week for 5/4.
We have organized sanctuaries and a discord for friendly tournaments and DNA trade.
You must be active daily and battle everyday. You must be at least level 13+ & 3000 trophies to join.

Find me on discord Rachelodon#3917


Now 2 going fast!


I just send a discord friend request mine is happy waffle or shadowhaunter I’ve been looking for an active alliance for a while but no one is is this alliance active I have 4306 trophies

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Bumping this thread!!!

I sent a friend request on discord :slight_smile: I’m level 12 and have 2500+ trophies

Bumping this thread.

Bumping this thread we got to 5/4 and we are going to kick some people that didnt contribute.

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We are full, thx! I know of another alliance recruiting they are a 4/3 currently.