The Rare 4 Takedown PvP Battle

I had my first 4 takedown battle using a 7 snake team.

I had a couple weak snakes and the new Albertospinos and Hydra Boa.
At the end, we were down 2 to 2 so I pulled my Hydra out and got their 3rd creature down to 25% health and I was faster. They attempted to swap and my hydra took out their 3rd creature. They swapped in Phorurex and I blasted it with a Fabled Fangs with bleed and took out Phorerex for the 4th takedown. I don’t recall that Phorurex even hit me on the swap in. It may not have as I had taken my opponents 3 creatures out already.

Unfortunately, it only counted for 3.



Like this ?

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Yeah, its certainly an achievement imo, too bad there’s no reward for how rare it is, even if it does just count it as 4 creatures in takedowns it would be amazing, but congrats!

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