The rarest dino in the game

right now everybody will probably say anky but im meaning over time. im level 20 now and i reckon iv seen maybe 2 or possibly 3 ouranosaurus in all the time (apart from its week), i saw one last week and couldnt even work out what it was for a while. and i travel a LOT!!!
erliko too i reckon iv only ever seen a handful.


To me its Irritator as its from arena and magna got a buff, so I need to level my magna.

Erliko is the rarest

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Must have missed the good old days when ourano spawned like pidgeys and everyone ignored them, heck I used to ignore them half the time, still had enough stock from back then to make a lvl 23 dilorachi recently, I miss the days when useful epics spawned! now it’s all spino g2 and secodontosaurus


For me it’s Dilho and Erliko.

hardly see grypo , anky and raj.

Rarest for me is Giraffatitan, I see Brachiosaurus and Tyrannosaurus more than him

Never seen a kentro in the wild expect 1 nest spawn…and im playing since august actively

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Rarest for me is…
I honestly don’t know.
Probably erliko.

Kentro - compared to it Sino is everywhere …


Yes, Kentro is also unicorn for me. Though I still able to find him few times (mostly with scents if lucky)

Kentro for sure.

i get a few kentros, rex and sino goes through phases.loads of concav, barry and raja i get quite a bit of, but hell i need anky. need to get tryko to l23.

Erliki and Kentro, cant find either, yet im swimming in Sino, Rex and Ourano. Dilorachi will prolly be my first level 30 dino while Erlidom and Tryko are still level 23 and 24.

Anky, Ourano and Erliko.

That’s why I still don’t have Tryko and Dilorach/Erlidominus are low level.

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Ankylosaurus, Kentrosaurus, Erlick and Ouranosaurus

I feel like Sino is the rarest, and I live in local 1!

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Kentro and Ourano.

Sinoceratops, hands down the rarest for me.


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