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The rat family

In all of their glory

The Rat
Fluffy Rat
Tourney Rat
Diet Rat
Wooly Rat

and introducing…

Apex Rat, premiering Nov. 26

May you all enjoy your life in the garbage


DracoRat you forgot. Lol

Isn’t dracorat the original rat? Or you mean the Green one?

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So tourney rat= rhino
Other ones are obvious
Diet rat=?

Oh crap i forgot some

Updated, I think you can figure out diet rat

Draco gen2?
So tourney rat is Green draco?
Or the other way around?

Tourney Rat is G1

Diet Rat is G2

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Fluffy rat, it keeps getting bigger and bigger, but not fluffier. That’s just fat.

How has he been working for you?

Comes in handy when opponent has some tanky stuff at low HP, or when I need something with 137 speed. Didn’t add attack yet, but I’ll go max attack and T10 speed on it.