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The Rat, Monostego or both?

Now that Monostego can swap in doing damage, I’m just wondering how many people are using it along with the Rat, or have replaced the Rat with it. Or do you have both or none on your team.

The hit to Monostego’s attack stat was too much for me to bear, so I’m back to using neither.


Kept Mono on the team, its role has changed but it’s still effective, I’m using it AGAINST the rat very successfully. I dont play DC but I can see a scenario where someone would use both since.they can both be healed and traded out you could literally just keep swapping between them and it would be extremely tough to counter

I still run both mono and rat on my team, I also run 3 hit and run dinos to try and increase the chances of chain attacks by swapping in & out. Results have been mixed so far, wins and losses are abt even. Had one battle earlier where the opp mono was 151 speed (mine is 135), my eyes almost dropped out lol. But it didn’t stun my mono after swap in and lost the match. It’s a lot more fun tho imo, if you have options to swap in 2 different dinos in a match.
Edit: Also one of the reason why I kept dilo instead of putting in indo, to increase chain attacks possibility.

I either run both or neither…I haven’t decided if it works with both out there at the same time. Sometimes I get my worst 2 dino’s stuck with them and I’m done before I start.

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Do you still do hit and run move if you have the Rat in your team? I would think it could be quite dangerous to accidentally bring him out and he is unable to kill off the opposing dino.

I would still do hit and run to bring in mono for the swap in strike+stun, even if mono cannot take down the opp dino. As my 3 runners have high speed (tier6 to 7), so I would want to save them and hopefully have a chance to bring them out again and make first move. Of course provided they are not ratted before hit n run lol. If mono cannot kill the opp dino after swap in, 1 possibility is cleanse (if it can survive first attack) and swap in rat to hopefully clean up, if it is drawn. That being said, using 2 swap in dinos create quite a fluid scenario, so there is really no sure way of playing, each battle will differ from the others.

I switched out Monostego for the new and improve Maxima. :slight_smile:

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But what about the Rat?

But not Tuoramoloch right :(? No one ever considers tuoramoloch…

Still on my team. :slight_smile:

Had replaced L26 Monosteg with L24 Maxima. Got inspired by this thread to give it a second chance.

First fight, Monosteg alone wiped out a whole L28-29 team! I rewarded him with levelling to 27 and temp place on team.

I combine swap-outs Erlidom and Rinex, swap-ins Monosteg and Dracocrea and cointers Tryko and Dio.

I don’t get enough monolophosaur dna to lv up monostego. It’s too bad. I would love to have her at team level to see how she does. As for rat, lv 20 t5 is where it stays. I feel bad using it against someone who doesn’t have their’s in the line up, but with how “weak” mine is compared to every other one I’ve faced, she’s usually a last ditched effort to win then. However, if my opponent uses their DC first, all bets are off.

Speaking of DC tho, I personally know someone who hasn’t created her yet. Any more out there?

I haven’t played this particular team yet and probably won’t use the rat on it but how about this team? I thought a team of the most hated dino’s might be fun for a couple battles. It’s just a matter of time Maxine will be hated because it can counter most of these other guys.

i got good results with both.
some battles i also add tryko as a swapper.

ps: doesn’t matter for me, since matchmaker kicked me out of library after 1.9 with lvl 28 thors, lvl 30 stegods and so… so i can’t go there again with any team.