The rat of 2.11

So back when dracoceratops was first released into the game it was completely broken. It had a swap in shattering rampage with a regen, so it could cleanse and escape. We now have a new one known as the para lux hybrid. It has a swap in fierce strike which will still hurt probably for about 17-15k attack. With how much damage acrocanthops can do and combine that with a heal and good hp this creature is going to be good.

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17 to 15k lmao



But since it is a super hard dino to get to a high level, it should be op


So at level 26 the para hybrid will have1550 attack making it the strongest swapper in the game.

It requires 2 legendaries to make. It should be strong.


What’s wrong with that?

Yup it should be strong but knowing ludia it won’t stay strong

It will be nerfed when we all have one leveled

** Months away tho considering both of its ingredients are hard to get

I know that. Just saying.

Nothing is wrong with the high attack. Just what I was expecting from the para hybrid. Nothing is wrong with a 1550 swap in.

Did you mean 1.7-1.5k attack?

i’m not sure…

  • those “cleanse” moves are healers, no attack.
  • it’s quite slow, so it’s useless heal, because it is attacked and becomes ready to be hurt again (no speed increase), like diloracheirus.
  • that rampage move has a delay. so after swap in move it has to heal or make that distraction strike.
  • most important: it doesn’t have resistence to swap prevention, so can’t escape and strike again against every dino like most swappers do.

but i have a question: why that fierce swap in strike has “cleanse vulnerable” effect? the swap in creature is supposed to enter arena already clean… :crazy_face:

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Because Ludia

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