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The real big questions here

Is the game still savable??

  • Yes, I have faith in Lydia
  • Nah, time to hit the road Jack

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You should include a choice “I don’t know”. I would vote for this.


Need to have a third option that reads something like “Maybe. I’m cautiously optimistic that Ludia can fix this hot mess. We’ll see in the coming days”
Can’t really say I have faith in Ludia but also can’t say that i’m done with the game at this point.


Same here. Thanks

Can’t speak for anyone else but if they reset all boosts to zero, refund hard cash spent, reinstate boosts with limited availablilty (strike towers, daily incubators, LIMITED store offers from time to time) and reduced speed boost increment then I would actually be very happy with the game still. Oh, and ensure the next tournament is run fairly.

That said I will miss my friends who have left the game Hersh, ResearchGirl, tpock … it’s a long list :sob:


I’m probably going to stop playing. This whole stat boost thing is dumb. It has killed the game for me. At this point it cant be fixed without totally doing away with it.


I want lydia

They are phasing out any type of free play.

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Summer season coming.

They will try to take more money from semesters.

I don’t think the game is in its death throws.

It’s a new feature that will attract new players.

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Ooh I get it lol. I’m glad you had some one hold the camera for you while you laughed.

I already hit the road.

Yes. Absolutely. People are overreacting massively lately. Ludia will fix these issues and the game will continue.

Look as I explained in another thread (will paraphrase here)

The game and Dino’s are not owned by us. They are like an apartment.

Feels like yours you put money into it. But not yours and subject to changes or loss completely at the discression of others… And to stick with the metaphor… We are on a month by month rental agreement.

What so many of you “long time players” have done is totally renovated you monthly agreement rentals and are now mad that the land Lord is changing your lease agreement.

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I’m on the fence.
The only dino I need now to complete my dex is Diplodocus.
And that’s not really huntable.
I may just go in to maintenance mode till 1.8 is available.
Basically perform daily tasks like farm incubators, strike events, and maybe nighttime event dinos like Tarbo, I kinda expected more creature content from 1.7(They haven’t even worked out the launch bugs yet and I’m practically done?), but I don’t see me quitting completely

If it were an option I would vote yes - but I don’t have faith in Ludia to do it.

Thanks for a fair point :wink:


I suggest Ludia looks at this and takes it seriously. Thats a little over half of the people in your forum telling you something.

But I wonder how many of that 56% has actually uninstalled and quit :thinking: