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The real problem with stat boosts

For me the fun in playing/watching any competition comes when the match is close and one side barely clutches the win. That just doesn’t happen anymore in JWA. There’s such an imbalance in every match that once a player gets the momentum it’s near impossible to stop. I rarely see a 2-3 result these days. I usually get wiped out by a single ridiculous dino, possibly taking one down of the opponent’s in the process, losing 3-1 or 3-0. Sometimes I win in the same way. But there’s little satisfaction when I win like that.


So fix your team. If your winning by 3 to 0 then losing by three to zero your team is based off of random. I’m guessing lots of Dodge and stun?

Not really. I feel like I have a pretty well-rounded team (Erlidom, Indo, Thor, Tryko, Utahsino, Magna, Draco, and Spinotasuchus). Maybe that’s my problem: I mostly spread my stat boosts out among my team instead of focusing on one or two to overboost.

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That could take days/weeks/months for some people. It’s not easy to replace a team member, especially if boosted even lightly.

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Don’t focus on one or two, if they’re not picked in your line up you’re screwed. Spreading them out is the best way to do it.

Heck, all my boosts are distributed evenly and I’ve risen over 300 trophies since the reset to boosts.

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What’s your point? It took time to make your team in the first place.

The fact that you didn’t notice your team was like that isn’t reason to complain.

The fact that you were to short sighted to build up some extras isn’t a reason to complain .

And you are absolutely in error about how long it take to get a new creature up to team level because your first 4 boost aren’t radical amounts of increase and Infact are basically the same as 4 levels increases.

I would explain all this to you, kiddo. But honestly, I dont find you worth speaking too anymore.:wink:


Why thank you :slight_smile:.

I like pie :sunglasses:

Life don’t get better than eating pie… Any pie .

My favorites are pecan and sweet potatoe