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The real problem with this game

Im sure we can all agree that there are many problem with this game. There is a greater problem though in my oppinion. The real problem I have with this game is that ludia keeps coming out with new updates to enhance the player expiernce but the updates are the problem. They are simply ignoring all of the problems we have with this game such as creature balence, matchmaking and some much needed nerfs. I love this game and the new creatures but they keep putting the nessasary fixes aside.

Pkease reply and let me know your thoghts on this entire situation.


i think too that that is the problem:ludia do not hear us.

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I know and its annoying if they want this game to live on they have to listen to the community or else this game will start to go downhill for them.

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Ludia has to deal with competing player requests, the reality that regardless of complaints people will keep playing as long as shiny new toys are added, and keeping the game in a functional state. While I would love to agree that the issue is listening to the community, ludia has and will continue to listen…but at a glacial pace. The attraction of adding new things and getting sales is always going to overpower the desperately needed QoL and balancing people have been asking for.

The big problem is the age old saying in so much as that ‘You can’t please all the people all the time’.

Look at the apex boss issue. Veteran players don’t like the idea of newer players getting apex dinos so early on. And ultimately this does create issues for the lower arena when players haven’t even created their first unique yet they have a couple of apex in their roster!

Matchmaking is broken from the bottom up because Ludia did listen to a core group of players who didn’t like waiting for match ups at the top.

Every update creates more issues for older devices and the game slows down even more which means even more players leave the game.

Bugs that affect us all never get fixed like the chat function and the lack of transparency relating to alliance missions and who’s done what.

So what should Ludia do to please everyone?

Don’t expect them to there not just going to do what you want them to do there have to be many people or if there are maybe the can’t fix it or are still working on it so just wait.

You’re not wrong.

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