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The Reason I Don't Boost

This is why there is no point in boosting:
These are the teams I’ve played since October 31st. I counted 66 different creatures.
What would I boost? I like to play them all… and more.


I barely beat someone who had 27 Minimum Level dinos, he didn’t boost a single thing! He used Stegodeus, Tragodistis, Diloracheirus, and Thor. I salute him because it was a very close, edge of my seat, strategic battle, it was the absolute most fun match I’ve had in mooonnnths!


^^^ this x1000

Rats have taken all the fun, strategic gameplay out of the arena… I’ve been playing since very beginning and miss the battling pre-boost…


Finally! A fellow monomimus user!

Also yea I hate boosts. Their annoying and should just be removed and refunded, and forget this boost fest ever happened.