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The Recent Updates

I hate to say this but…These new updates absolutely SUCK! I spent two years playing this game and these recent updates completely change how their game is played. The only reason I continue to play JWA is because of the money I’ve spent on playing this game. However this game is no longer fun for me and I just let it go.

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Care to elaborate on why your upset? I’ve been enjoying this past update more than any other ones.


Tho i’m enjoying the raids and the zone rotations, this update wasn’t 100% positive. Without going into the Maxima and tryko debacle (it’s been said and discussed in a number of threads already) PvP is still a bit of a mess. Probably more so than before.
Lot’s of dinos and abilities changed (not necessarily bad, but it is a lot to take in and relearn).
They tried to do a rock-paper-scissors type deal, and they didn’t nail it. Scissors (resilient) is over powered while Rock (fierce) seems greatly under powered in comparison. Paper (cunning) seems relatively balanced, but because of the OP and UP abilities beside it, those abilities don’t particularly do well in the arena. I don’t think it should remain a harsh standard of Rock-paper-scissors type game because you can’t do mixed creature classes as well and keep them balanced. Bringing it back to the looser variant we had would be a better option. Or even adding in two more classes to spread things out a bit more. (Rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock if you know what i mean)


This update is awesome!
Even though I had to change my team, I still like it, the days of full immunity are over, now every creature has a vulnerability to something and you just have to be more creative and strategic!
And the raids are just awesome, I’ve never communicated with the alliance so much before and it’s super fun!:blush:
I say you give it a try!


Mortem Is supposed to aid the fierce catagory. Problem is like nobody has him yet once you start seeing mortems on every team fierce won’t be weak


How much more elaboration needs to be said? The new updates SUCK. No worries. I’ve canceled my subscription and I assume that I’ll end up unistalling the game. The updates have ruined the game for me.

that there is the problem tho. it’s currently too weak and if not enough people can get Mortem then it wont balance out. And we should really rework it now to be balanced rather than waiting on one specific creature to hopefully do that.

Most of the dinos that we use are hybrids, so they are not just fierce,resilient or cunning, they are a combination of all these. Why use a creature that is just fierce ?
Still, Allosaurus gen 2 is great and is a fierce creature.

The whole game sux to be honest…all luck based and addictive like gambling…it should be regulated like a casino…especially the tournaments which must be fixed…when you all have level 26, how come certain players always do well…especially those in apex predators???..funny how Ludia how now created an apex predator class…bet I know who will get them first.

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Members of top alliances play this game almost religiously. It’s almost as if people who play a lot get good at the game and do well in tournaments. Who would’ve thunk it.


Yeah, I agree. The game should be the same for years, it’s a perfect way of keeping our attention


Haha, lol. Who wants to keep playing the same game. Ludia made an amazing update. It really is a shame that most players love dinos and that’s why they play it. If only there weren’t people that complained without even having a reason other than it was changed.


I don’t think everyone is complaining for the sake of it.

There are legitimate reasons for many to be upset when their team is made obsolete by changes made in the recent update.

Not everyone wants to engage in raid battles and build completely new teams.

And remember there are lots of people who struggle with adapting to change.


The update sucks not because it changed too much but because it changed too little.

My team got wrecked too but i didnt feel upset. My rank is lower than ever, hurts but I accept I suck at the game. The thing that is killing my interest is that its the same arena and same tournament. Same Seasonal issue of being too heavy and Nublar Shores being very angering.

They didnt change enough and that will cost them the actual money not the small cash.

My team got wrecked, which is okay.
My issue is the length of play now.
RAIDs take too long, are too hard to organize.
Arena battles take much longer with the new 5 step X2 attacks… Remove this, remove that, increased this, increase that, hit. Opponent: decrease this, decrease that, increase this, hit. My creature: counter attack, remove this, attack.
What the flying?

I mean it’s cool and all but…I don’t have time for ten minute battles. They used to be 4 to 5.

Raids need coordination and planning. Arena is the same since 1.11.

I dun get why Ludia thinks Arena can be left alone and somehow things will be better.

Dude, you’re literally making zero contribution here. Without stating what your problems with the updates are, you’re not constructively criticising the game, you’re just being rude. And that isn’t going to achieve anything, much less fix the game.


I disagree, Cunning is completely underpowered while Fierce is fine. Resilient is just broken

The actual cunning abilities (strike, impact, and rampage) Remove attack increase, reduce crit chance, remove crit increase and cleanse DoT (plus distraction)

Fierce on the other hand only cleanse vulnerable and remove taunt. (plus normal Defense shattering abilities of breaking shields and piercing armor)

in comparison, fierce abilities are lacking when both resilient and cunning abilities do much more and have better utility.

oh, ok