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The red chests alone were worth the warriors

Quest pass purchase


4k cards surely gives people a boost =)

Nice addition indeed.

Almost tempting to go VIP for a month before opening them to chance getting +30k gold.

This is a chest I just opened from guild raid, and I’m only showing this because some don’t believe VIP is worth it and I disagree. Aside from glitches, there is very little I complain about with this game.

Perhaps I have overlooked complaints about the stand alone value of VIP. However, I believe you may be misinterpreting complaints about the impact of spellbook limits and the addition of the Quest Pass upon the value of VIP. I do not think many players have stated VIP is worthless.

No misinterpretation.

As for spell books, this conversation originated before spell books existed.
but thanks for your motherly concern🐥

And I said not worth it, not worthless, completely different.

Simply put, VIP is worth every cent.

Thanks for the info. As I noted, I have not observed such complaints. If you could provide a link to one or more of these threads I would like to see why players believe the books are ‘not worth it’.