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The Release date

People at Ludia do you know when we should be expecting the co-op update as in date because I’ve been hyped up and I am slowly getting bored of waiting so do you mind sharing a date with the community so we can know when to get excited

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Some ppl think Tuesday I think it’s never gonna happen…and there’s no way Ludia is gonna give you an answer…

they prob gonna not release any date or pach notes to keep people hyped and when it most likely comes on july 6th, they update it. I don’t expect this game to last much longer if they dont give a new unboosted arena.

Maybe have different scores for both arenas. Different people would start at different levels based on their score now, hopefully. If they mess it up, everything will go downhill.

Honestly if they make a unboosted arena that will make people over level stupid things such as sinoceratops over lvl 20 also it will probably become raptor meta again

better than what we have now plus people would most likley continue using their best creatures and start moving onto others as well. It wont become the raptor meta again, there are better creatures. Plus until sorna marshes, it basically is the raptor meta. I still use raptor in aviary.

An unboosted arena is way better than a boosted one. I would rather see an over leveled sinoceratops than a boosted level 30 erlidominus which I saw in ruins. The meta right now is immune so not many people over ruins would struggle.

A new arena without Indo g2 would be amazing

And will never happen

Yep the most I can hope for is a tiny nerf

I don’t think they are going to actually make an update.

They were probably working on one, then Google came around and was like “hey, do this AR for our dinosaur thing and we’ll promote it”

And ludia was like :v:out JWA!!!

i doubt that would kill it. universal is probably getting most if not all of the money from that, not ludia

If it was next Tuesday we would of recieved patch notes this week. That’s always the formula.

Yes but patch notes are typically friday. It will happen next week, they’re waiting for the season reset

Actually more like Saturday or Sunday