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The reptile poll

Cenozoics :

  • Stupendemys
  • Megalochelys
  • Wonambi
  • Gigantophis
  • Yurlunggur
  • Sebecus
  • Quinkana
  • Armadillosuchus
  • Ramphosuchus
  • Megalania

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Mesozoic :

  • Madtsoia
  • Deinosuchus
  • Rutiodon
  • Smilosuchus
  • Phytosaurus
  • Arizonasaurus
  • Ticinosuchus
  • Prestosuchus
  • Fasolasuchus
  • Saurosuchus
  • Leptosuchus
  • Desmatosuchus
  • Shringasaurus
  • Tanystropheus
  • Allodaposuchus

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I need an all of the above option lol
I think I’d spend all my time trying to lvl up megalania and gigantophis to lvl 30 along with others lol
then I can possibly have an all reptile team since we already got sneks turtles and crocs

What about Champsosaurus?

Laophis, Pachyrhacis, Tetrapodophis, Najash, Sanajeh
:snake: :snake: :snake: :snake: :snake:
more sneks >:D
i just love sneks :snake: :snake: :snake: :snake: :snake:

*sad gigantophis noises *

Gigantophis was already mentioned in the poll lol

Didn’t wanted to mae the list too long so i let him out

I see. It’s just such a common he’ll creek fossil!

Yes but he is a rather obscure species

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Lol and Shringasaurus isn’t? :joy:

It’s your list though, so I won’t complain

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Shringasaurus has a higher chance in my eyes since he has a unique and cool look. As i said i just didn’t wanted the list too long

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