The request for fair battles in high arenas!

I know that already exists some type of algorithm that defines your opponent in PVP battles, but this has being absolutely unfair, and being very annoying to fight against people with teams much powerfull them ours.
Ludia must rethink this battles.
My suggestion is not to consider the number of trophies and just think about the total of HP and Damage of the team!!
For example, to equalize the battles, you get the amount of HP of each one of the 8 dinos of the team, and the amount of Damage of each one fo the 8 dinos, and them you sum then up, and get a number. And only fight agains people with the approximately the same amount…
Whit this done the people will be abble to chose their team with a great variety of dinos, with any kind of lvl and still have fair battles, once the battle will be agaist people with same lvl of dinos.

The battles today in aviary are being too much annoying, people with boosts to the sky and dino with 6-7 lvls higher than ours… fights with absolutely no chance to win… not even have fun…

This must be rethink, i’m losing the pleasure to play the game.

The fact is this.

Players that are higher than you (in the lower library) get sick and tired of being beaten by teams that are way stronger than theirs. So they deliberately drop back into the Aviary to get matches that they may have more chances of winning! In the library battles are based 100% on trophies, in the Aviary there is still some relevance to team strength.

The biggest problem with the pvp in this game is the way it gives you the false hope that you are doing well until you hit that wall. And it can take months before you slowly begin to creep back up. Unless you buy all the boosts that are being offered on a daily basis of course!